Scientific Gaming Interactive holds the franchise rights to the brand Monopoly, which is one of the most played board games in the world. SG Interactive has done justice to the brand by creating two decades worth of slotting fun with the quintessential charm of Monopoly. The first Monopoly Slot was launched 20 years ago, playable through the Bally Alpha Pro-Wave 360 cabinet. It was a huge success and it became a household name for avid punters of the early Vegas gambling scene. Fast forward to the present day, and we get the online version of the classic, with gamified concepts and newer possibilities.

Monopoly Slots is a bit different from your everyday slot machine and it carries quite a lot of weight in the industry for its pathbreaking features. It is one of the most complete slot games and you can spend hours exploring the game without getting bored. With every spin in Monopoly Slots, you not only open the doors to exciting bet multipliers but also progress through the game’s natural storyline, where you have to build and stretch your city to its maximum potential. It’s a refreshing take on the gamification trend that is brewing in the iGaming industry. Punters are greeted with plenty of bonus rounds and free spins to take extra advantage of the brands’ generosity.

Monopoly Slot Review

The gameplay of Monopoly Slots starts at Mediterranean Avenue. Every time you spin at the slot, you will get a small boost towards your level, which will let you progress towards other avenues from the original game like Baltic Avenue, Oriental Avenue, Virginia Avenue, New York Avenue, etc. Each avenue that you control also gives you regular tax boosts that helps you progress through the game. You can also earn Monopoly Bucks by completing quests and tasks, set exclusively for you.

Bonus Features

The original Monopoly Slot in its electromechanical form was a powerhouse of features. It was one of Bally’s most famous creations and some of its features resonates even today in certain gambling circles. The online version is a shadow of its former self but is highly gamified to include entirely new features. Now you can progress in your game by building, consolidating and expanding your outreach to capture the city’s different blocks. The game has also included a new Ancient Greece version, where you can progress through the Greek civilization by creating habitats in Mt Olympus, Aphrodite Ave, Dinonysus Court, Hercules Place, Troy Lane, Poseidon Park, The River Styx, Gate of Hades, Hephaestus Way, Artemis Road. You can access the Ancient Greek Slots once you reach level 110 or above.

Monopoly Slots have included quite a number of features in its current avatar. These include:

Big Event feature

The Big Event Symbol on reel 1,3 and 5 leads to the trigger of the Big Event Feature, where you enter the House to select your own type of rewards. Inside the House, you will find Community Chest and Chance cards, the first offering free spins while the latter giving your sure-shot Guaranteed Wins. If you win through free spins, you can progress further to get enhanced multipliers on all symbols.

Big Bet

The Monopoly Slot breaks the monotony by introducing the big bet round, where you can win guaranteed rewards and an additional fixed jackpot of £500. There are two sub-games inside the Big-Bet feature; the £20 game and the £30 game. This round carries handsome multipliers ranging from 10x to 2000x of you bet amount. The Dog (300x), the Car (500), and the Ship (1000) symbols are the most gratifying to see in this round, while the Mr. Monopoly symbol (2000x) remains the eye-candy of the lot. There is also a Wild Symbol, which can replace any other symbol in the game. Monopoly also makes astute use of the iconic Jail card. The appearance of jail card arrests the lowest paying symbol on the reel from all future spins.

The Big Bet round also has the potential to win you the Progressive Multiplier Bonus, Persisting Wild Big Event and the Epic Spins Bonus. You can now lock your Wild cards in the Persisting Wild Big Event round. This will not restrict the appearance of dancing wilds. Lock more than 3 wild cards on your screen, and you get entry into the Wild Big Event, which triggers a cascade of free spins and hotel constructions bonuses to help you progress in the game. The Progressive Multiplier Bonus lets you taste the progressive fun, as consecutive wins are multiplied by 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x respectively. In the Epic Spins Bonus, all your winnings are straight-away multiplied by five.

Monopoly Slot Gameplay

Payout, Variance, RTP, Max Win

Monopoly Slots has something for every kind of punter. Whether you are looking to wager as a high roller or take the slow path to glory, Monopoly Slots can be a great place to start for players from both ends of the spectrum. The interesting thing about Monopoly Slots is its RTP varies for regular punters and high rollers. For regular-bet sizes the house edge is capped at 4.5%, giving an RTP of 95.5%. However, the deal is sweeter for high rollers who get the biggest share of the pie with a 99% RTP. Overall, the game is for big-win punters and has high-to medium variance, even when compared to SG Interactive’s other popular slots like Wizard of OZ and Hercules.


Monopoly Slots is complicated but it doesn’t take long to fall in love with its complexity. The game certainly tests your patience, especially if you happen to come from a frequent-win slotting experience. The payout percentage is clearly geared towards high-rollers and the game is certainly for high-risk bets. The bonus features offer plenty of chance to rake up your cash in big ways. However, the biggest advantage of Monopoly Slots by SG Interactive is its Android and iOS mobile app. The app provides an immersive experience of slotting that comes second to none. You can now log into your Facebook account from the app, which opens up new possibilities in the world of social gaming. The game is also available in Amazon Store. The game is sure to attract the spotlight in the coming months, as SG Interactive prepares for a grand Monopoly Cruise for Cash Promotion, slated to be held in December 2018. This event will commemorate 20 years of partnership between SG Interactive and the original creator of Monopoly board game, Hasbro. The brand is slated to dole out a staggering £200,000 as its culminative jackpot during this cruise event.


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