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With the online slots industry becoming a super competitive battleground in recent years, welcome bonuses are getting more and more lucrative. While the vast majority of these welcome offers centre on matched deposits and free spins, a number of slot casinos are looking to take things to the next level by offering a no deposit bonus (NDB). As such, if you’re looking for the best UK slot casinos with the highest no deposit bonus, this will either come in the form of bonus funds or free spins. Regarding the latter, this could, for example, consist of a £10 no deposit bonus. And the latter, the casino might instead decide to give you the NDB in the form of free spins. Either way, these bonuses are highly sought after by UK slot players, not least because they allow you to win money without risking any funds.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best UK slot casinos with the highest no deposit bonus offers, then be sure to read our in-depth guide. We cover everything that you need to know – such as what a NDB or no deposit bonus is, how they work, where you can find them, and more!  

What is a no deposit bonus (NDB)?

As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus – or simply ‘NDB’, is a bonus type offered by casinos that allows you to play games for real money, without needing to deposit any funds. For example, the casino might give all new players a £25 no deposit bonus simply for registering an account. 

Although the slot casino in question will know that they stand the chance of losing money, it is hoped that in the player will remain at the platform long-term. As such, casinos are happy to take a small hit in the short-run.

If you’re wondering why UK slot casinos are willing to give players free bonus money, the overarching reason for this is because of how competitive the online gambling arena has become. 

Operators have since realised that increasing the size of their matched deposit bonuses is not enough to attract new players. Instead, they are prepared to go one step further by offering a no deposit bonus.

How do no deposit bonuses work at UK slot casinos?

As we briefly noted above, no deposit bonuses typically come in two key forms. You’ll either have the funds credited to your newly created casino account, or the funds will be offered to you in the form of free spins. 

Let’s break the two metrics down in more detail.

NDB: Free Bonus Funds

If you opt for a NDB that offers a fixed monetary amount, then the funds will be applied to your account when you first register. For example, let’s say that your chosen slot casino offers all new players a £15 no deposit bonus. 

Once you have gone through the process of opening the account, you should see the £15 applied to your ‘bonus balance’. As we will discuss in more detail further down, it is important to understand the difference between your ‘real money balance’ and your ‘bonus balance’, as this will directly impact your ability to make a withdrawal. Nevertheless, we’ll come to that shortly. 

Moving on, as you now have £15 in your bonus balance, you should be able to use the funds on any game of your choice. Although in some cases certain no deposit bonuses state that you need to play certain games, the best NDB offers allow you to play any game of your choosing. 

As such, you should have no issues using your £15 bonus balance within the slots department. Once you have loaded your slot title up on-screen, you can then begin to spin the reels. For argument’s sake, let’s say that you decide to play Mega Moolah at £1 per spin. During your 15 x £1 spins, you manage to land a couple of wins, and thus – your balance is now £35.

As we will discuss in more detail further down, your £35 will still be shown within your bonus balance, as you will need to wager the bonus amount before you can make a withdrawal. Nevertheless, whatever happens from that moment forward, you have not risked a single penny!

slot ndb ukNDB: Free Spins

Similarly, a lot of online casinos offer a NDB in the form of free spins. The process is largely the same as free bonus funds, insofar that you will not be required to deposit any funds in order to get the bonus. As such, the no deposit bonus gives you the chance to win real-world money without risking your own funds. However, instead of having the funds applied to your bonus balance, your NDB will be displayed in your casino account as free spins. 

For example, let’s say that the casino gives you a NDB of 25 free spins. In the vast majority of cases, the casino will stipulate a specific slots title that you need to use the spins on. For example, if the casino only allows you to play Rainbow Riches, you won’t be able to use the spins on Monopoly Sligo. 

Moreover, unlike your using your bonus balance to play online slots, a NDB in the form of free spins comes with a fixed spin value. In other words, you won’t have the option of choosing your spin-stakes, as this will have already been determined within the bonus terms and conditions. For example, your 25 free spins on Rainbow Riches might come with a value of 25p per spin. That would mean that your NDB has a monetary value of £6.25 (25 spins x 25p).

Nevertheless, sticking with the same example, every time you land a win on one of your 25 free spins, the winnings will then be applied to your bonus balance. Once you have consumed the entire 25 free spins, you then need to meet the wagering requirement to turn your bonus funds into real-world withdrawal cash.

Are no deposit bonuses at slot casinos legit?

Without a shadow of a doubt – if the slot casino in question is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (which it needs to be to offer its services to the UK market), then you should have no issues with the legitimacy of the NDB. However, it is absolutely crucial that you have a firm understanding of how the terms and conditions of a no deposit bonus typically work. 

While it is true that you are not risking anything by taking a casino up on their NDB offer, you don’t want to be left disappointed when you think that you have won a lot of money, only to find out that you can’t withdraw the cash out.

As such, we have outlined some of the main considerations that you need to make prior to signing up.

  • Wagering Requirements

The biggest barrier standing between you and your ability to cash out your no deposit bonus is that of the wagering requirements. If you’ve ever signed up to a casino bonus before, then you likely have a good idea as to how the wagering system works. 

If you don’t, it’s a mechanism that slot sites install to ensure that you don’t withdraw your bonus funds straight out without at least using the platform for a reasonable period of time. Otherwise, there would be nothing stopping players obtaining a NDB bonus, only to then withdraw it straight back out!  

In its most basic form, the wagering requirement is the number of times that you need to wager the bonus amount before you can cash it out. This is displayed as a multiple of the amount the casino gave you in bonus funds. For example, let’s say that you get a £10 NDB that comes with a wagering requirement of 30x. In layman terms, this means that you need to wager 30 times your £10 NDB before you can withdraw it out. 

As you’ve probably guessed, the higher the wagering requirement, the harder it will be to turn your bonus funds into real-world cash. 

  • Eligible Games

Once you have assessed how many times you need to wager the bonus before you can cash the funds out, you then need to assess the terms and conditions to see which games contribute fully towards the wagering target. The good news for you as a slot evangelist is that in the vast majority of cases, slot titles will contribute 100% to your wagering requirement. In other words, if you stake £5 on a single spin, then that £5 will go towards your target. 

However, this isn’t the case with all slot games, especially progressive slots. In fact, we often find that you will be prohibited from using your bonus funds at a jackpot slot – at least when it comes to meeting your wagering requirement.  On the other hand, some players will still play progressive slots with their bonus funds with the view of first building their balance up to a considerable size, and then target the wagering requirement after. Either way, just make sure to check this before you get started.

  • Time Limit

The final – but equally as important factor that you need to look out for when browsing through the terms and conditions of your no deposit bonus is that of the time limit. Regardless of the type of casino offer you are claiming, bonuses will always come with an expiry date. In most cases, this averages around 30 days – although it can be as short as 7 days. As such, if you have a large wagering requirement to meet on your NDB, you’ll want to ensure that you have a reasonable amount of time to do this.

Do I need to link a payment method to get a NDB?

Although slot casinos will not ask you to make a deposit in order to obtain the NDB, it is possible that you will be required to link a payment method to your newly created account. The overarching reason for this is that the casino needs to be sure that you have not previously opened an account before. You would be surprised by the sheer number of players that attempt to abuse bonus offers by opening multiple accounts, so the only way that casinos can prevent NDB-abuse is to verify all new registrants. 

As such, if the casino does require a payment method, then it will need to be a debit or credit card. This is because payment cards have something called an ‘Addresses Verification System’, or ‘AVS’, attached to them. This allows merchants to verify that the details you provided in your account application match the details found on the card. If the details do match, then the casino will know that you are who you say you are. 

In effect, you should not have an issue with having to link up your payment details to get the NDB. As you will only be using a regulated UK slots site, the casino is legally bound to keep your financial information safe. As such, you should not be concerned about the casino debiting your card, as they would be breaching both UK regulations and the licensing conditions set out by the Gambling Commission.

ndb cashoutWhat is the easiest way to cash-out a no deposit bonus?

So, you’ve signed up to a new slots casino – and you’ve managed to land a couple of decent wins from your no deposit bonus? But wait! The funds are locked within your bonus balance, meaning that you are unable to withdraw them back to your bank account. 

While we appreciate that this can be a frustrating endeavour, there are a number of simple strategies that you can employ to give yourself the best chance possible of meeting your  NDB wagering requirements. 

Here’s the gist:

  1. Stick with slots
    First and foremost – and as we discussed earlier, not all games will contribute 100% to your NDB wagering requirements. However, you’ll likely find that most slot titles do, as long as you are not playing a progressive jackpot. 

With that being said, slots should be the only game that you play when you attempt to meet your wagering target. As such, stay away from the likes of blackjack, roulette, live dealers, and sports betting!

  1. Play a slot with the highest RTP

This point is potentially the most important in the context of no deposit bonuses. In a nutshell, the Return to Player – or simply ‘RTP’, is the statistical long-term advantage that the slots casino has over you. It is expressed as a percentage, and the lower the percentage, the greater the advantage that the casino has. For example, let’s say that your chosen slot game has an RTP of 94%. 

This means that over the course of time (typically over millions of spins), the casino will retain 6% of all player stakes. This is why you will experience both wins and losses when you play slots, as it’s all about timing. In other words, you could play a single 25p spin and win the jackpot, or alternatively, play the machine all day and win nothing!

Nevertheless, if you are required to meet a high wagering requirement on your no deposit bonus, then it is absolutely crucial that you play a slot game with the highest RTP. This way, you stand the best chance possible of withdrawing your bonus funds in the most viable of manners. 

  1. Play at the lowest stakes

Following on from the above section on choosing a slot machine with a high RTP, it is also important for you to consider your stake sizes. As we noted earlier, the long-term RTP is based on millions of hands, meaning that you will need to ride the waves of both wins and losses. In fact, long periods of gameplay without a sizable win is something that you will inevitably experience at some point, so you need to be fully prepared for this. 

With that being said, you can protect your bonus balance by playing at the lowest stakes possible. Take note, if your chosen slot game allows you to reduce the number of paylines, under no circumstances should you do this. In doing so, this will have the undesired effect of reducing your RTP, which needs to be avoided. 

Instead, utilise the maximum number of paylines with the minimum coin size. For example, if there are 25 paylines activated, and you stake 1p per payline, you’ll be playing at the 25p per spin minimum. Ultimately, this will allow you to ride-out periods of gameplay where you fail to land a decent win.

  1. Utilise the autoplay button

The final point of consideration that you need to make when attempting to cash-out your NDB is to use the autoplay button. This effectively leads on from the above section on playing at minimum stakes, insofar that you will likely be required to play through thousands and thousands of spins to meet your wagering target. 

As you probably know, sitting at your computer or mobile device all day clicking on the spin button will very quickly become a monotonous task. However, by utilising the autoplay button, you can allow the slot machine to spin autonomously. 

While some slot machines allow you to spin the reels automatically for surplus of 100 spins, others are capped to just 25 spins. Moreover, some slot titles allow you to adjust the autoplay settings, subsequently allowing you to instruct the machine to continue in autoplay mode even if a bonus is landed. 

How do I find slot casinos with the highest NDB?

Ultimately, although no deposit bonuses as UK slot casinos are becoming more wide-spread, the number of offers in circulation is still minute in comparison to conventional matched deposit bonuses or free spins. Furthermore, when UK slot casinos do release a new NDB, the promotion typically doesn’t last for long. As such, you’ll need to grab the no deposit bonus as soon as it becomes available. 

The good news for you is that by adding the SlotBettors platform to your bookmark bar, you’ll have access to recently launched no deposit bonuses as soon as they become available. As we strive to update our platform on a super frequent basis, you can ensure that you never miss a NDB offer!

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