Using Slot Multipliers To Your Advantage

Every player’s ultimate goal is to win. And whenever possible, to win big. If you are looking for ways to add an edge to your gaming strategy, then multipliers should be of high interest.

Today, online slot games come with heaps of attractive features. Slot multipliers are gaining quite some popularity, with their reputation to offer enormous winning potentials. Depending on the game, multipliers can boost your stake by thousandsMultipliers come in all shapes and sizes that add to the excitement of the game. Here let us dive into more detail about multipliers and how you can make the most of them. 

How do Online Slot Multipliers Work?

If you are trying your luck with slots featuring multipliers, you have taken the first step as a player. 

A win multiplier is a feature that can multiply your win amount by a certain number. Multipliers are often indicated by symbols that appear during the base or bonus game. 

For example, if you stake £1 and trigger a free spin bonus with a x5 multiplier, then your winnings would be a total of £5. In another example, a 50p stake that generates a multiplier of 100x during the base game will yield £50. 

As you can imagine, it is not always that easy to trigger a substantial win multiplier – but when you do, you can land significant rewards. 

The rules and the types of multipliers often vary depending on the game. Some games feature multipliers only in the bonus game or free spins, while others offer them during the main base game. Some have an easy trigger with a low multiplier, whereas others are harder to attain, but offer a higher payout. Generally, those that appear during the base game would be lower, since they are easier to trigger. 

Especially in slots with more than one multiplier, one would typically need to complete different levels to be able to get the highest payouts. As these are harder to activate, you also need to ensure that the slot has other rewards such as decent payouts or other features that might boost your wins. 

It is always recommended to find out what your game entails in terms of multipliers and symbols.  Each slot comes with a paytable that details all the features and every player should read it before commencing the game. 

Types of Multipliers

There are different types of multipliers that can change your win amount based on their features. Knowing more about these will help you better understand the game. 

  1. Best Chances of Winning with Free Spin Multipliers

Perhaps the most common multiplier type and the most generous of them all is the free spin round. These usually appear during bonus games and provide multipliers with or without other options during free spins. 

Some will award you random multipliers, and others might have a predefined multiplier. If you are lucky, the hidden icon might even let you choose the multiplier. In such cases, the higher the number you pick, the fewer free spins you will get. 

This multiplier is commonly attached to the line or the overall wins. They could trigger frequently, which is why combining free spins with multipliers can lead to huge wins at small stakes, making it a favourite combination among players. 

  1. Get your Wild Card Multipliers

Multiplier wilds are second to free spins in terms of popularity. The wild symbols can double up as multipliers and boost the value of the paytable-listed payouts. 

In most cases, a Wild Multiplier has a symbol lining up alongside other matching symbols. The multiplier value attached to the symbols will increase the value of your payout. It is not unusual to get such a winning combination that has at least one wild.

While playing wild multipliers, it is best to keep in mind that these slots are higher in variance for higher multiplier values. So you might be spending a considerable amount of time before you fall in luck to win big!

  1. Find Luck with Base Play Multipliers

Multipliers are often very rare during the base game as they are relatively easier to trigger. They multiply your pay line value with whatever the multiplier is. Its simplicity also corresponds to the lower multiplying values and the chances of you finding them. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you will never come across such games, and when you do, it is undoubtedly a bonus. 

  1. Find Symbols for Scattered Multipliers

In some slot games, collecting scatter symbols can also get you a multiplier trigger. In the majority of slot games, all scatter symbols need not be in the paytable. It is enough that it appears anywhere on the screen. Even if one scatter appears on the first line and the other on the 10th line, they will still activate the free spins and the multiplier. 

  1. Get a Random Multiplier

Be it a base game or a bonus game, random multipliers are truly a fun surprise to any player. There are certain variations of this based on the game you are playing. For example, in some games you might get an extra reel dedicated to giving you a possible multiplier on each spin. 

In others, the player might see a feature randomly popping onto the screen to boost the payout. 

  1. Choose between Bet or Win Multipliers

While the standard multiplier symbol amplifies the wins on the pay line, others work slightly differently. Some increase the line bet, whereas others work on the total bet. It is crucial to understand the difference, and it is worth checking out the paytable to see what type of slot multiplier you are dealing with. 

Multipliers with a pay line bet increase can work in your favour as they multiply your stake rather than the win amount. This could make for a significant difference where the win could be lower than the initial bet. 

slot multipliers explained

Should you Take Advantage of Multipliers?

So it all comes down to one point, whether it is worth playing with slot multipliers. There are undoubtedly a few reasons to get excited about these. 

For one, there lies a chance to gain a massive payoff in the future spins of the game. On the other hand, it could also mean that the multipliers might be the only way to get big wins. This essentially means that the game will slowly be eating away at your money. 

While these games certainly keep you entertained, here are some pros and cons of choosing slots with multipliers. 


  • They increase the value of a slot paytable.
  • Wild multipliers are lucrative and thrilling.
  • It boosts the variability of free spin slot games.


  • The multiplier might be tricky to trigger.
  • The slot might entirely depend on the multiplier to generate a win.

In simple terms, although slot multipliers might increase the end-to-end gaming experience, there is also the chance that you will lose money and find it frustrating to trigger multipliers. However, if you happen to land a win, the chances are that it will be highly significant and make the risk worthwhile. 

The trick is to find a game that delivers the perfect balance you are looking for. For instance, games with a low variance that have a multiplier both during free spins and with symbols might be the way to go. 

How to Identify Slot Multipliers

So all this sounds impressive. But, how do you find games that have multipliers, and how should you target them?  The best way to find out about slot multipliers is through the game’s paytable. They outline the potential wins as well as how the game works. 

With that said, the multipliers have become a favourite among players and thus – software developers are using this as a means to market their titles. In other words, if there is a multiplier option integrated into the game, they will make the point to highlight the feature. 

Hence, most games will typically state the multiplier feature in an obvious way as soon as you open the game. The same applies to the triggering of multipliers as well – as players can instantly view this on the game interface itself. 

Also, most of the games allow a free demo version that requires no stake to test out the slot. This would be the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the game features before you start betting. 

What Else to Consider?

If you are after a high payout slot, then the multiplier feature is not necessarily the best option for you. You also need to consider how rewarding the base game wins are, regardless of the multiplier wins. 

If you can figure out how likely the game is to trigger a bonus feature, it will give you a better idea of how much the slot pays out. This will help you avoid risking your money or losing it before you actually trigger the multiplier. 

As multiplier slot games have become a mainstream model, it is wise to learn more about the different types before you try your hand at it. At heart, multipliers are undeniably thrilling and can take the slot experience to the very next level. 

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