The Difference Between In-game Jackpots And Progressive Jackpot Slots

With the online slot space growing at an exponential rate, it makes sense that players now have thousands of titles to choose from. This covers everything from classic slots, video slots, 3D slots, themed slots, and more.

It is important to understand the underlying make-up of the game with respect to its jackpot. After all, this is the ultimate objective of playing an online slot title. Crucially, this will either come in the form of an ‘in-game jackpot’ or ‘progressive jackpot slots’. 

Knowing the difference can be crucial in finding the game that excites you the most. And since the jackpot is the final destination of an online slot, here is what you need to know about the big bucks. 

In-Game Jackpot Slots

They are simple and straightforward, or in other words, a fixed jackpot. If you win an in-game jackpot, you will receive a predetermined amount. 

For instance, if your game has a fixed jackpot of 5,000x and your bet amount is £2,  the size of the win will amount to £10,000. Alternatively, if you plat at £10 per spin, the game jackpot would amount to £50,000. 

Whatever your bet size is, you need to multiply it with the fixed jackpot multiple and you receive that amount as winnings. No matter how many times you play or how frequently you win, the prize amount will always be the same. 

Progressive Jackpot Slots 

The second jackpot type available in the online slot space is that of a  progressive jackpot. As you guessed, the jackpot amount progresses or increases every time a player makes a bet. 

This jackpot keeps growing with a percentage of every player’s wager going to the final prize pool. In the vast majority cases, the progressive jackpot is linked across multiple online casinos, making the prize pot grow at a rapid pace. 

In other words – the more players there are, the bigger the jackpot. 

Compared to in-game jackpots, progressive slots will land you significantly higher wins. In fact, popular games like Mega Moolah typically pays out jackpots in the millions of pounds. Once you land the winning combination, the pot goes back to default and start building up again over time as players wager. 

The Win and the Wager

If you look at them side by side, progressive jackpots certainly seem to have the upper hand. So why wouldn’t everyone go with progressive jackpots when they yield you more money?

Well, as good as they are, jackpots also tend to have several strings attached. The odds of winning are likely to be higher for a regular jackpot slot than a progressive one. Though the winnings might not be that life-changing, you still have a better chance. 

Regular slots typically offer lower stake sizes than progressive jackpots., too. For example, while progressive slots start at around 25p per spin, regular slots sometimes allow you to play from just 1p per spin. If you are hoping to win a specific amount of money based on your wager, then shuffle through the catalogues of regular slots to find the one that best suits you. 

At the other end of the spectrum, if you do not mind spending a bit more to receive a lot more, then you might want to opt for a huge progressive jackpot slot. 

Watching the Money Grow 

Progressive slots are indeed both tempting and fascinating in the gambling circle. Not only are they favoured by seasoned players, but casinos also seem to be pushing them as they are real money makers for operators. 

On most online slot site, you will see progressive jackpot titles prominently featured, highlighting how fast the jackpot is growing. Seeing this exponential amount you could potentially win is a hugely enticing factor for players. 

However, before you take the plunge, take a look into the fine print of the game and its rules. 

How Can you Win at Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Slots are one of the fashionable online games that entertain jackpot winnings. What you win or how you win is entirely based on the game you choose. 

With that said, the obvious question is – how can actually you win?

Unfortunately, there is no magical strategy that can boost your chances of winning. However, understanding the game better can help you weigh the risks and decide which game would be the best for you. 

progressive jackpot slot wow

Beating the Progressive Jackpot Slot

While progressive jackpots allure you with huge wins, it is not easy to find your lady of luck. Each game varies with a different set of requirements that results in varying payouts. Some might require you to land the same symbols on a line, while some would need you to spin a bonus wheel. 

There are also progressive slots where rewards are offered at random. It is no wonder that progressives are deemed one of the most difficult to beat, and are not won frequently. 

Another factor to consider is the chance of your jackpot being available to other players. If your slot game has multiple players, then this means that someone else could seize your win right in front of you. A regular jackpot does not present such a daunting scenario. 

If being realistic, there is no way to take total control or predict how a jackpot will drop. 99 times out of 100, a slot game relies entirely on chance. The results are random, and there is nothing either a casino or a bettor can do to influence them. 

That said, the odds vary from game to game. There are some factors you could and should review before you enter your quest for fortune. 

An Overdue Jackpot

If you have your eyes on a progressive jackpot, look for the ones that haven’t been dropped for a while. In other words, find a jackpot that is overdue. The winning amount at stake on progressive slots is dependent on volume and time.

As the pot builds up over time, so will the jackpot. This is when the big hitters need to start playing the game. 

Look into the Qualifying Conditions

The conditions of a jackpot win changes from game to game. Not only does it vary on what awards the payout, but it also defines how you land them. Be it progressive or regular; even if you hit the winning combo on-screen, without meeting the right conditions, you would receive only a fraction of the money pool. 

Oftentimes in games, it depends on the amount you bet or how much you can bet per spin. Some games let you win the full jackpot with small bet amounts, whereas others require you to place enhanced bets to be eligible for the entire prize. 

Knowing this will help you to budget your game accordingly and decide whether it is worth wagering. 

Determine your Loss Limit 

When you are chasing the jackpot, it is not rare to lose track of how much money you have already bet. Setting a loss limit from the beginning will allow you to stay within your budget. Bear in mind that even when you feel that the jackpot is due, there is no guarantee that it will drop. Your chances of winning remain the same. 

Withdrawing your Winnings 

Before you get excited about your winnings, you also need to understand that the jackpot winner doesn’t necessarily receive all of their winnings right away. As outlined earlier, online slot sites have specific terms and conditions set in place. This includes clauses on how they pay out the jackpot winnings as well. 

As winnings tend to be significantly higher in the case of progressive slots, the chances are you will receive your money in instalments. This is primarily because most gambling operators have a weekly or monthly cash out limit. Depending on the amount, it could take you weeks, or even months to withdraw your entire winnings. 

If you are looking at frequent winnings, then regular jackpots are what you should go for. There is nothing stopping you from making a cash out instantly. 

Always Remember

The odds of your win are not affected by the time you spend on the game or how much money you spent on it. The unpredictability of the slot is what makes it both fun and frustrating at the same time. Relentlessly trying to hit that jackpot might cost you a significant amount of money. 

If you are determined with progressive jackpots, try the games regularly with a set budget. Instead of spending excessive amounts in a single session, you can try different games that could entertain you as well. Once you determine the most favourable game for you, play them frequently rather than going all in at once. 

Adding It Up

So that begs the question – should you be playing regular slots or progressives? 

If a slot game offers only an in-game jackpot, it doesn’t mean the game is not worth playing. A regular one may present a better potential of multiple payouts even if they are in smaller amounts. Some players prefer this as it is inherently less risky. 

On the other side, many find progressives more exciting, especially those who love a challenge. Pursuing a big payout comes with its risks, but if luck strikes, then you could be set for life.

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