Best (And Worst) Paying Online Slots Of 2019

If you are a seasoned online gambler that is looking for the best paying slots, then you will need to look at a range of factors. Notably, this includes the slot machines RTP, its maximum payout, and whether or not you need to play at enhanced stakes. Nevertheless, the best paying slots are those with an RTP of 99%, such as Monopoly Big Event and Mega Joker. The worst paying are typically progressive slots with super-high jackpots, such as Mega Moolah. 

However, rather than focusing purely on the slot machine’s RTP, you need to look at a more important complement – value. While the RTP will tell you how much the machine is likely to payout over the course of time, the slot title might not offer value if it requires you to pay at maximum stakes. In doing so, you stand the chance of blowing your bankroll, subsequently making the RTP rate irrelevant. If you are interested to find out how to find the best paying slots of 2019 and beyond, be sure to read our comprehensive guide. By the end of reading it, you will have all of the necessary tools to assess for yourself whether or not a slot machine is worth playing.

Using house-edge to determine the best paying slots

Before you can begin assessing whether or not a machine is worth playing, you first need to have a good idea of how the house-edge works in the online slots space. Regardless of whether you are playing a classic pub fruit machine or a progressive slot from the comfort of your home, the house-edge will determine how much you lose over the course of time. 

While this might at first glance sound depressing, the fact of the matter is that casinos need to ensure they remain in business long-term. The only way they can do this is to install a house-edge into the games they offer. The good news for you is that certain games, and more specifically – certain slot titles, have a significantly lower house-edge. 

Outside of the slot machine segment, the house-edge is determined by the mathematical percentage that the casino has over you. For example, in European roulette, the house-edge is 2.70%. This means that every time you spin the wheel, the casino has a 2.70% advantage over you. Table games such as roulette do this easily through the installation of the green zero. The lower the house-edge, the more chance you have of winning long-term.

However, as slot machines are based on pre-programmed software, the house-edge operates in a slightly different way – RTP.

What is the RTP on a slot machine?

When assessing the house-edge on a slot machine, the industry instead uses something called the return-to-player, or simply RTP. The RTP on a slot machine – which is expressed as a percentage, operates in a similar way to the house-edge found in land-based casinos, albeit in the opposite direction. 

For example, if the RTP of a slot machine was 92%, this would mean that over the course of time, the machine would payout 92% of everything it took. As a result, the house-edge would amount to 8%. On the other hand, if the RTP was 99%, then the slot machine would only have a long-term house-edge of 1%.

Therefore, the higher the RTP on a slot machine, the higher the proportion of winnings it pays back out. However, it is really important to understand that the RTP payout rate is not as straightforward as this, insofar that the return-rate is spread-out over billions of individual spins. For example, if you played an online slot machine with an RTP of 93% and lost £200, there would be no guarantee that you would finish the game with 93% of the money you lost. In fact, there is just as much chance of you winning £400 as there is you losing the entire balance.

In order to further understand how you can differentiate between the best paying slots and worst paying slots, we will expand on how to assess the RTP payout rate below.

Understanding the RTP

In a nutshell, understanding how the RTP payout rate works can be the difference between you making money long-term, and losing money. So, the best way to understand it is to think about buying a scratchcard in your local supermarket. 

When you turn the scratchcard over, it will tell you the theoretical odds of you winning. Scratchcards usually display this as a fractional odd, such as 3/1. This means that if you purchased three scratchcards at £1 each, you should in theory get at least £1 back. However, we all know that this is not the case at all. In fact, you could buy the entire reel of scratchcards, take them home to scratch-off, and still win less than the amount you invested.

The reason for this is because of the prize values of offer. For example, if a £1 scratchcard offered a jackpot of £5,000, it would require 5,000 scratch cards that pay nothing. This is exactly how it works in the online slots space. 

So, although the RTP payout rate of a slot machine might be 95%, because people will always win much higher amounts than they staked, this means that there has to be losing players, too. As a result, the RTP on a slot machine is based over billions of spins, meaning that each win and loss will eventually average itself out to 95%.

Why is there such a disparity in the RTP payouts offered by slots?

If you have read our article upto this point, then we hope you now have a really good understanding of how the RTP payout rate works on a slot machine. Assuming you do, then we are now going to explore why the payout rate can differ so much between machines. After all, if choosing the best paying slots machine was as simple as picking the highest RTP rate, then every slot title would be exactly the same. However, as we will discuss now, each slot machine has its own pros and cons. 

How much do you need to stake?

The first thing that you need to look at is whether or not the slot machine has a variable RTP rate. In layman terms, this means that the slot machine adjusts its RTP payout rate based on how much you stake. This is something that we are not a fan of, as inexperienced players are often unaware that they are not actually getting the ‘advertised’ RTP payout because they are not staking the required amounts. 

Variable RTP rates

For example, Monopoly Big Event is often regarded as one of the best paying online slot machines available. Not only is the slot title jam-packed with multipliers, bonuses and in-game features, but it advertises a staggering RTP payout rate of 99%. However, what you need to be made aware of is that the 99% RTP rate is only available if you play with ‘enhanced’ stakes. 

To have your gambling endeavours classed as enhanced, Monopoly Big Event requires you to bet a minimum of £30 per spin. If you bet less than this, then your RTP percentage rate will drop down. Now, if you are a super high-stakes player with a significantly high bank roll, then there is nothing wrong with this. However, at £30 per spin, you are likely to need a bankroll that exceeds £100,000. 

Think about it, if you utilised the autoplay feature for 100 spins, went to make a cup of tea and came back to find you had not won a single penny, you would have already lost £3,000. However, due to the nature of the RTP process, a £100,000 would allow you to ride out the ups and downs of winning and losing streaks. Anything less, and you would simply get wiped out of the game before you can say “Pass Go”.

Non variable RTP rates

Unless you are a super high-stakes player with a huge bankroll, then you probably do not want to be playing an online slot game at £30 per spin. If you are like the vast majority of us, you want to be playing at more sustainable levels. As a result, you will want to target an online slot machine that offers a huge RTP rate, but does not require you to play with enhanced stakes. 

One such example of this is the 1429 Uncharted Seas slots game. The highly interactive slot machine offers a range of expanding wilds and free spins, and is now one of the most popular slot titles in the UK gambling market. However, more importantly, 1429 Uncharted Seas offers an RTP of 98.6%. The great news for you is that the machine does not implement a variable RTP rate, meaning that regardless of how much you stake, you will still get 98.6% payout.

As a result, if you were to focus purely on the RTP payout rate, a machine like this would be one of the best slot games to focus on long-term. 

slot payout percentageHow do I know if a slot’s RTP payout rate is variable? 

Now that you know the importance of assessing whether or not the advertised RTP rate is fixed or variable, you now need to know how to look for this information. Fortunately, this is really simple. When you first load the slot game up on your screen, there will be a button that will state something along the lines of ‘Info’ or ‘Payout Explained’. This will vary from slot-to-slot, so you might need to do some digging around. 

Nevertheless, you will know you are on the right screen when you see the payout figures for each winning combination. Scroll through the different multiplier rates until you see a detailed explanation on the machine’s RTP. 

Essentially, if the machine’s RTP payout rate is stated as a range, then you know it is a variable RTP rate. For example, the machine might state an RTP of 92%-95%, or 88%-97%. On the other hand, if the slot machine has just one RTP payout, such as 96%, then you know that this will always remain constant, regardless of how much you are staking.

Does the slot machine offer a good jackpot payout?

So now that you know the importance of exploring the slot machine’s RTP payout rate, the next thing that you need to do is assess the maximum amount that you can win. This is absolutely crucial, and the jackpot size can have a direct impact on your long-term chances of walking away a winner. 

In an ideal world, the best paying slot machines will offer a high, fixed-RTP rate, alongside a high jackpot. However, this is not always the case. The worse paying slot machines often offer a really higher RTP rate, but a super low jackpot. 

In order to aggregate this information from the slot machine, you need to assess the jackpot size in terms of a ‘multiplier’ Unlikes traditional pub fruit machines that now pay a fixed jackpot of £100 (regardless of how much you bet), online slot machines determine the win rate as a multiplier of how much you bet. 

For example, let us say that the jackpot rate was a multiplier of 2,000x. If you were to play at £0.10 per spin, this means that the most you could win is £0.10 x 2,000, which amounts to £200. On the other hand, if you were to play at £2 per spin, the jackpot would increase to £4,000. 

In terms of evaluating whether the slot offers you good long-term value, we are not interested in the amount you can win in pounds, only the actual multiplier itself.

What balance should you strike between RTP and jackpot amounts?

There is no hard-and-fast rule to determine what RTP and jackpot amount you should be aiming for, as much of this is based on judgement. However, a really notable example of a good value slot machine that offers both a high RTP and  maximum jackpot is that of BloodSuckers

Developed by leading software company NetEnt, BloodSuckers is now one of the most popular slot games online – and for good reason. The game offers an RTP payout rate of 98%, which is well-above the industry average. Moreover, the RTP rate is not variable, meaning that you do not need to play enhanced stakes to get it. However, most importantly, the BloodSuckers slot machine has a huge jackpot of 30,000 coins. To expand on this, the monetary value of a coin is determined by how much you want to stake. 

For example, if you played at $0.10 per coin (BloodSuckers uses U.S. dollars), then the jackpot would pay you $0.10 x 30,000, which amount to $3,000. The maximum stake is allowed on the machine is $0.50 per coin, meaning that the maximum jackpot is $15,000. At an RTP of 98%, this offers tremendous long-term value.

best slot jackpot payoutHow can I increase the payout rate on an online slot?

While you cannot increase the RTP payout rate beyond the maximum percentage offered, there is an angel you can take to increase your long-term chances of winning. This does not revolve around staking higher amounts, as this is likely to result in you losing your entire casino balance. On the contrary, you can increase the long-term odds of winning by engaging in a bonus reward exercise. 

In a nutshell, the UK slots space is now ultra-competitive, meaning that each casino is attempting to win your business. As a means to entice you to their slots platform, the casino will offer you a range of bonuses for registering an account. In order to qualify, you need to make sure you do not already have an account with the slots platform.

Nevertheless, if you are yet to sign-up, the casino will offer you a welcome package. This usually consists of a matched deposit bonus, meaning the slots operator will give you free credits to play with, based on the amount you deposit. For example, if the welcome package offers a 200% matched deposit bonus up to £300, and you deposit the full £300, you will have a starting balance of £900.

Riding out the waves of winning and losing streaks

The reason you stand a better chance of winning is that you are multiplying your bankroll. In effect, this allows you to ride out any prolonged losing streaks that you are likely to encounter on a specific slot game. 

As a result, although you have not adjusted the slot game’s RTP payout rate, you have essentially increased your chances of winning, not least because you get to play with two, three or sometimes four times the amount you deposited. 

Best (And Worst) Paying Online Slots Of 2019

In summary, if you have spent the time reading through our comprehensive guide, you should now know how to find the best online paying slot machines. While the advertised RTP payout rate should always be your first port of call, you need to make further considerations. For example, if the machine only pays the advertised RTP rate if you play at enhanced stakes, then you should avoid it. 

We have also explained the importance of comparing the RTP rate with the slot machine’s maximum jackpot. The ideal outcome is that you find a slot game with a high, fixed-RTP rate, alongside a higher-than-average jackpot amount.

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