5 Slot Machine Hacks from the Pros

Ultimately, there is never any knowing what a slot machine algorithm is going to throw at you on a given day. However, by sticking to some slot machine hacks, you can give yourself the best chance of walking away a winner!

If you’re a seasoned online slot player, then you’ll know the gist. Online casinos will always make a profit in the long-run. That’s just the name of the game. They do this via the house edge, or in the case of slot machines – the RTP. In layman terms, this ensures that over the course of time, online slots sites will always retain a percentage of the money wagered on the machine. With that being said, this isn’t to say that there aren’t a number of so-called slot machine hacks that you can implement into your gameplay. In doing so, you’ll stand the best chance possible of keeping your online slot endeavours viable long-term.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore further, here we discuss 5 so-called slot machine hacks that professional punters will typically utilize.

Hack 1: Know Your RTP

First and foremost, it is often said that the return to player, or simply the RTP, will make or break an online slots player in the long-run. The reason for this is that it is the RTP that dictates how much the casino will retain long-term. By long-term, we mean across millions and millions of spins. Before we unravel how you can best utilize the RTP to your advantage, it is important for us to explain exactly how it works. 

How does the RTP work?

In its most basic form, the RTP is essentially the house edge, but in reverse. For example, if an online slot machine came with an RTP of 90%, then this would mean that the house edge is 10%. In the online slot industry, you’ll typically find that the average RTP sits between 94% and 96%.

For the purpose of simplicity, let’s say that you are playing a slot machine that comes with an RTP of 90%. This would mean in theory, if you played 1,000 spins at £1 per spin, you should get back £900 (90% of £1,000). At the same time, if you played 500 spins at £5 per spin, you should get back £2,250 (90% of £2,500). In both examples – regardless of how much you stake, the casino would retain 10% of your funds. 

However, this is not how the RTP really works. On the contrary, the percentage rate is based on millions and millions of individual spins. Otherwise, nobody would play slot machines if they knew they were guaranteed to lose 10% of their stake. Instead, the RTP is averaged out over the course of time. This is why we often hear about punters playing online progressive jackpots, and landing multi-million-pound wins from just a single 25p spin. In other words, you could land a big win at any time, just as you could go on a prolonged period of winning nothing.

Using the RTP to your advantage

So now that you know how the RTP works, how can you best use it to your advantage? Well, you need to target online slot games that come with the highest RTP rates in the industry. This will give you the best statistical long-term advantage of walking away a winner. 

In order to help you along the way, it might be a good idea to search the internet for terms such as ‘online slot highest RTP’ or ‘which slot games have the highest RTP’. Either way, it will give you an idea as to some of the best rate slot games RTP-wise. 

Slot Machine Hack RTPMoreover, you might also begin to notice that certain software developers offer better RTP rates than others. One such example of this is Barcrest, who is well known for providing super-competitive house-edges.

Once you have compiled a list of the slot games with the highest RTPs, you then need to verify this information yourself. In the vast majority of cases, you can do this by visiting an online casino that hosts the game in question. 

When you load up the game, you should be able to access the ‘Pay Table’ button. Scroll through the various payout multipliers until you come across a page that outlines the RTP percentage. 

To give you an idea of some of the highest RTP slots currently in the market, check out the list below.

It is important to note that in the above list, the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix title has “up to” 98% as its RTP rate. This is where you need to tread with caution. Why? Well, certain slot games in the online space only allow you to obtain the highest RTP rate if you are prepared to play at enhanced stakes. While this will vary depending on the slot game in question, this could knock your cash balance out very quickly, so do bear this in mind.

Hack 2: Choose a slot with a high win frequency rate

It will come as no surprise to learn that slot machines come in a full range of shapes of sizes – especially when it comes to the underlying software algorithm. While some machines offer super high jackpot prizes, others offer more competitive RTP rates. However, what you should be looking out for – on top of a high RTP, is that of the win frequency rate. 

Although this might sound like the RTP, it is actually a separate variable in its own right. In a nutshell, the win frequency rate dictates how many times you will land a ‘winning combination’.

For example, let’s say that you are playing a machine with a low win frequency rate. For the purpose of simplicity, let’s say it amounts to 8%. This means that for every 100 spins, you should expect to land a winner on 8 occasions. Sound appealing? No, not really.

On the contrary, certain machines in the online space now have a win frequency rate of surplus 40%. This would mean that for every 100 spins you should expect to land a win 40 times. However, don’t get too carried away, as you need to remember that a “win” could be anything from a couple of pence, all the way up to the jackpot. 

For example, let’s say that you are playing an online slot machine at 10p per payline, with the full 25 paylines activated. This means that you would be playing at £2.50 per spin. Moving on, you land a win on one of your paylines, with the win paying a multiple of 5x. 

As you are playing at 10p per payline, this would yield a total of 50p. But wait! You’re playing at £2.50 per spin, meaning that although you landed a winner, you still lost £4.50 on that particular spin!

This is why you need to merge the importance of the win frequency rate alongside the underlying RTP percentage. In an ideal world, you’ll be playing a slot machine with both a high RTP and a high win frequency rate.

Hack 3: Check the average jackpot payout on progressive slots

The third so-called slot machine hack that we think you should be made aware of is with respect to progressive slot games. On the one hand, progressive slot titles with huge multiple-million-pound jackpots will often come with a below-average RTP. Even if this isn’t the case, you need to remember that you are competing with a significant number of other players that are each looking to land that life-changing jackpot. 

With that being said, there is a little trick that can give you an advantage over your fellow players. In a nutshell, this links directly to the average jackpot that the progressive slot title typically pays. 

The Cash Pot system

Before we go any further, take a quick trip down memory lane to see if you can remember the classic pub fruit machine system that utilized a ‘cash pot’. The cash pot would increase incrementally until it matched that of the jackpot. For example, if the jackpot was £100, then the cash pot would keep on increasing until it reached £100.

For those of you that remember the cash pot system, you will remember that when the cash pot had reached its limit, you stood the best chance possible of winning a huge prize. On the contrary, if you were playing the machine and the cash pot was at just 10% of its capacity, then you would know to avoid the machine like the plague!

The reason that we are telling you this is that the cash pot system operates in a very similar way to that of a modern-day progressive jackpot game. In other words, the higher the jackpot figure in comparison to its average payout, the more chance it has of paying out in the short-term.

For example, let’s say that you are playing Mega Fortune. After a bit of research, you find out that the jackpot typically pays out an average of £2.2 million. This should act as your mid-point. Moving forward, if you notice that Mega Fortune has built its jackpot to more than the £2.2 million it pays on average, you know that NOW is a good time to target the machine.

Hack 4: Use bonus funds to your advantage

With the online slots space becoming more and more competitive, welcome bonuses have never been more lucrative. No longer are operators content with offering a 100% matched bonus. On the contrary, we are now seeing bonus boosts of 200%, and in some cases – as much as 300%. Not to speak of the so called no deposit bonuses some casinos offer

The reason for this is that online slot sites want YOUR business, and are happy to chuck lucrative bonuses your way to get it. As a result, you should attempt to take full advantage of these bonuses. If you’re an avid slots fan, these bonuses are ideal, as they will give you a much larger starting balance in comparison to what you deposited. For example, if you claim a 200% matched deposit bonus of up to £500, your starting balance would be £1,500, even though you only deposited £500!

This gives you three times as much credit to use in the slots department. Once you’ve boosted your starting balance, you should then follow the slot machine hacks outlined in steps 1-3 – especially when it comes to finding a machine with a high RTP and high win frequency rate.

Hack 5: Don’t lose the psychological war

The final so-called slot machine hack that we think you should be made of is with respect to the psychological side of slot machines.  This is hugely important, as seasoned gamblers know that half the battle is that of the emotional side of gambling. 

After all, you can be all-but-certain that you will experience long periods of play on a slot machine without landing a winner. Sure, you might be playing a slot machine with a high win frequency rate, but there is no guarantee that the size of these wins will be enough to keep you in profit.

And how would you react to a period of extended losses? Well, this depends on whether or not you are able to control your emotions. In an act of frustration, amateur slot players will typically begin to increase their stake sizes. They do this because they cannot handle the ups and downs of gambling, in the same that a novice stockbroker goes bust in a  single day because they cannot control the emotional side of losing.

On the contrary, a seasoned slot machine pro would know full well that both wins and losses are all part of the game. Moreover, in trusting their own strategies, slot pros know that the tides will eventually turn back in their favour. As such, there is no need to panic, nor is there any need to start chasing your losses!

So-called slot machine hacks – The bottom line?

If you have read our 5 tips on so-called slot machine hacks all of the way through, we now hope that you have the required tools to give yourself the best chance possible of remaining profitable long-term. 

Ultimately, there is never any knowing what a slot machine algorithm is going to throw at you on a given day. However, by sticking to some clear strategies – such as choosing a machine with a high RTP, high win frequency rate, and of course, utilizing as many welcome bonuses as you can – you can give yourself the best chance of walking away a winner!

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