Is it Safe to Play Slots on my Mobile Phone?

The rate at which the mobile slots industry is growing should not be understated. Players now have the option of accessing thousands of slot games on the on-the-move via their smartphone, all in a safe and secure environment. 

Ultimately, if you have yet to experience the thrills and spills of online casinos, rest assured – playing slots on your mobile phone is not only safe, but heavily regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you are interested in starting your mobile slots journey, but you are still wondering whether or not the process is safe, then be sure to read our comprehensive guide.

We have covered a full breakdown of everything you need to know. From regulation to privacy, security and payment methods – by the end of reading our guide from start to finish, you will have all of the information you need regarding the safety of mobile slot casinos. 

Before we delve into the fundamentals, let’s start by briefly exploring how mobile phone slots actually work.

Mobile Slots: How do they Work?

Not so long ago, if you wanted to play slots, you would need to either visit your nearest land-based casino, or alternatively, play a fruit machine in your local pub. Moving forward in time, online slot machines became a thing in the mid-1990s, fully in-line with the introduction of online casinos. 

As popular as online slots are, the industry has since moved into a new direction – mobile. In a nutshell, you can play all of your favourite online slot games via your mobile smartphone, subsequently allowing you to gamble on-the-go.

Online casinos are able to do this in one of two ways. Some platforms will optimise their slot games so that they are fully accessible via a mobile web browser. This ensures that the player experience is not affected by a much smaller screen. 

Alternatively, some online casinos will go a step further by designing and launching their very own mobile app. Most commonly available across Android and iOS devices, a native slots app offers the player a state-of-the-art gaming experience like none other. 

Once you have registered an account with an online slots casino, all you then need to do is deposit some funds and load the game. The end-to-end set-up process is simple, easy and seamless – all of which can be facilitated via your mobile phone.

So now that we have covered the basics of how mobile slots work, in the next part of our guide we are going to explore regulation. 

Regulation in the Mobile Slots Industry

Players who are new to the online casino space are often unaware of just how regulated the industry is. In fact, not only are casinos themselves regulated, but the independent software developers that build the games are regulated too.

The Gambling Commission

Set up in 2005, in response to the Gambling Act 2005, the Gambling Commission are responsible for regulated the entire UK gambling scene. This covers everything from betting shops, trackside bookies, land-based casinos, bingo halls, and of course – online and mobile casinos. It is important to understand the role of the Gambling Commission, not least because they are the primary regulatory, tasked with keeping player funds safe and secure.

First and foremost, regardless of where the mobile casino is based, each and every operator must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission in order to offer its services to UK players. Failure to do so would result in severe financial and legal repercussions.

It is important to note that obtaining a license from the UK Gambling Commission is no easy feat. Mobile slot casinos are required to go through a highly stringent vetting process. The UK Gambling Commission must feel satisfied that the mobile slot casino is not only legitimate, but that they have the required safeguards in place to keep player funds safe. 

Moreover, mobile casinos must also satisfy regulations pertaining to anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) controls. In layman terms, this means that each and every player that use the mobile slots casino must verify their identity. For you as the player, this ensures that you are able to gamble in a safe environment, free from crime. 

UK Gambling CommissionSoftware Developers

Many people do not know this, but mobile slot games are not actually created by the casinos themselves. On the contrary, this role is reserved for software developers. There are now hundreds of mobile slot software developers operating in the market – some more established than others. 

The developers then license their games to the mobile slot casinos, subsequently providing all of the underlying technology to ensure the player is accustomed to a top-grade gaming experience.

Most importantly, the software developers themselves must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. As a result, not only do casinos have a stringent regulatory oversight, but the companies that supply the casino do, too.

Put simply, if a software developer is not in full receipt of a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission, then UK casinos are not able to host their games. As such, when you use a UK mobile slots provider, there is no ambiguity regarding safety, not least because of the games hosted on the platform are regulated. 

Testing Houses

When discussing the safety of online mobile slots, it is also important to make a brief reference to testing housing. For those unaware, testing houses form a bridge between casinos and software developers. In other words, before a software developer is able to have its game hosted on a mobile slot casino, it must first go through a thorough testing phase. 

This is to ensure that the slot game in question is not only true, fair and random, but free from the threats of malpractice. In layman terms, the testing house will perform rigorous checks to make sure that the game cannot be tampered with – both internally and externally. If the testing house is ever in doubt, then they simply will not certify the mobile slot.

Most importantly, much like the case of both the casino and the software developer, testing houses must also be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. 

If you thought that the process of obtaining a casino or software license from the Commission was challenging, then think again, as test houses are under even more scrutiny. In fact, at the time of writing, the UK Gambling Commission licenses just 15 test houses. The key reason for this is that essentially, test houses are the gatekeepers between mobile slot casinos and the games they host.

Regular Audits

While mobile slot casinos must go through a highly lengthy approval process before they can launch their platform, their regulatory obligations do not stop there. This is because the UK Gambling Commission will perform ongoing audits of the casino in question. At the very least, this will entail an annual audit of all of the games that the mobile casino hosts, including an analysis of each and every slot title that the platform offers. 

At the other end of the regulatory spectrum, the UK Gambling Commission will also perform random on-site audits. This means that personnel from the Commission will visit the operational headquarters of the mobile slot casino without giving notice. 

Ultimately, with casinos, software developers and testing houses are all required to go through a water-tight regulatory approval process, and thus, needing to be in possession of a full gaming license. The Gambling Commission ensure that UK players are able to gamble in a safe and secure environment. 

So now that we have explored the crucial role of the UK Gambling Commission, in the next part of our guide we are going to discuss the fairness of each game.  

Are Mobile Slot Games Safe and Fair?

Whether your playing a FOBT in a betting shop, fruit machine in a pub, or playing slots at a mobile casino, your primary concern is likely to be the legitimacy of the game you are playing. In other words, how do you know that the slots you are playing are truly random? 

While it is common practice for those that experience a longer-than-average losing run to accuse the mobile slot casino of malpractice, the truth of the matter is that this is impossible. Although we discussed the role of testing houses early, it is important to expand on the underlying safeguards that casinos must install to ensure that their slot games are true, fair and safe.

Return to Player (RTP) Percentages

First and foremost, it is imperative that you have a firm grasp of return-to-player (RTP) percentages. In its most basic form, the RTP percentage illustrates the advantage that the slot title has over the player. In other words, what are the chances that you, as the player have in walking away a winner? 

Let’s say for example you are playing a mobile slot game that has an RTP of 95%. This means that in theory, for every £1,000 you spend on the slot, you should get £950 back. Unfortunately, the way that the RTP works is not as simple as this. The reason for this is that the RTP payout percentage is based on thousands, if not millions of spins. 

This is because the mobile slot machine operations in such a manner that you have just as much chance of landing two big wins in a row, than you do of winning nothing. The key point here is that the RTP acts as a safeguard, insofar that long term, you have a full understanding of your chances of winning. 

For those unaware, the higher the RTP percentage, the higher the frequency that the machine pays out. In the UK mobile slot industry, the RTP will usually average between 87 and 95%. If the mobile slots title is a progressive jackpot game that offers a significant prize pool, then it is likely that the RTP will be closer towards the lower estimate.   

Random Number Generator

A further safeguard that is just as important in keeping your mobile slot endeavours safe, is random number generator (RNG) technology. Although the underlying technology is highly complex, we will explain how it keeps mobile slot games safe.

In effect, if the brain is the nucleus of the human body, then RNG technology is the heart of mobile slots. It is the capabilities of RNG technology that ensures that each and every spin is true, fair and random, but perhaps, most importantly, safe from unsavoury practice. So what exactly is RNG? 

RNG Random Number Generator CasinoWell, if you are old enough to remember the early days of online slots back in the 1990s, then you might have come across a range of so-called systems that claimed to be able to predict when the machine was going to pay out, based on the activity of the slot. This could not be further from the truth, not least because RNG does exactly what it says on the time – it ensures that each spin is random in nature.  

Without getting too technical, when software developers design the slot game’s RNG protocol, they create a random sequence that creates billions of potential outcomes every time the player spins the reels. 

Based on a pre-defined algorithm, this means that every spin could result in one of a billion or more potential combinations. Therefore, there is no way for anybody to predict what the outcome of the next spin is going to be. Not the player, not the software developers, and certainly not the mobile slot casino. 

Checking the Authenticity of the RNG Technology

The role of RNG technology feeds directly back to the other safeguards we have discussed for a number of reasons. Firstly, before a particular game goes live, the testing house will analyse the underlying RNG protocol to ensure the game is completely random. Moreover, the testing house will assess whether the randomness of the RNG technology correlates to the predefined RTP percentage that the game claims to payout.

The authenticity of the RNG technology is also something that the UK Gambling Commission are tasked with auditing. In fact, when the Commission audit mobile slot casinos, gameplay data pertaining to the slot title’s RNG protocol will be at the forefront of their assessment. 

This means that in reality, even if mobile slot casinos were able to cheat the system – which they would not be able to anyway, the Gambling Commission would discover the malpractice during their audit. As such, this further highlights the fact that is it entirely safe to play slots from your mobile phone. 

Is it Safe to Deposit Funds When Using a Mobile Slot Casino?

On top of having concerns regarding the fairness of mobile slot games, those new to the online casino phenomenon are often worried about keeping their funds safe. The vast majority of players deposit and withdraw funds using a traditional debit or credit card. Not only is this the most convenient way of funding an account, but it is also instant and free. Besides credit cards, some casinos also offer a Pay by Phone Bill option, where your deposits get settled directly through your phone bill. Read more about the pros and cons of this option in the Pay by Phone Bill Casino Guide

However, is it safe?

The short answer to this is ‘Yes’, it is completely safe. First and foremost, as mobile slot casinos are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, they are required to install something called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. If you are not from a technical background, this simply means that the mobile slot casino encrypts all of the player data that is entered on its website. 

As a result, when you enter your debit or credit card details during the deposit process, the mobile slot casino never sees your details. On the contrary, the data is ‘jumbled up’ before it reaches the mobile slot casino’s server, subsequently ensuring that your payment details are kept safe at all times. 

Mobile Phone Slots Deposit SafeFurthermore, one of the key requirements that the UK Gambling Commission imposes on mobile slot casinos is that have stringent safeguards in place to protect player data. Whether it is your personal information or the login credentials for your account, mobile slot casinos must protect your data in its entirety. 

Failure to do so would result at best result in monetary fines from the UK Gambling Commision, and at worst – the mobile slot casino having their license removed. 

Once again, this is further evidence that suggests playing online slots via your mobile phone is super safe.

Are Mobile Slot Casinos Safe? The Verdict

In summary, playing slot titles via your mobile phone is not only a fun and enjoyable experience, but it is ultra safe and secure too.

If you have read our guide from start to finish, you should now have a good idea as to the many safeguards that mobile slot casinos are required to install to ensure that you can gamble in a safe environment. 

This starts at the very offset, with the mobile slot operator needing to go through a stringent approval process with the UK Gambling Commission. Not only this, but the software developers that create the slot games must themselves be in receipt of a gaming license. 

Furthermore, before a mobile casino can host a particular slot title, the game must first go through a certification process with a regulated testing house. In doing so, this ensures that the slot game is not only true and fair, but safe. 

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