Online Slot Streaming for Beginners

With the advent of all things digital, the world has had some crazy inventions that have come and gone over the past few decades. The good ones have stayed, become popular, and evolved into different versions of itself and one such prevalent idea is that of online streaming.

This article will cover the topic of online slot streaming and in particular – an overview of how the phenomenon works for those that are looking for some basic information to point them in the right direction. 

We will go through all the important details and throw in some advice to make sure you come out on top of your game. The best thing about it is that anyone can get set up and start doing it. You do not need to be a pro or a marketing genius or even a millionaire. 

The Basics of Slot Streaming

In a nutshell, online streaming is a form of technology that enables the transmission of both audio and video files continuously over wired or wireless connections. It can be live or recorded. 

If you thought Netflix was the most popular streaming platform out there, you would be sadly mistaken and missing out on some other highly sought after forms of high-end entertainment. 

Online casino streaming has been around for a few years now, and slot streaming has joined the party too. Not only has it started gaining popularity amongst newbies, but also seasoned gamblers. 

Crucially, the phenomenon is of interest to people who play slots regularly, but have since realized that the act of watching other people play (instead of themselves playing) more often than not feeds their addiction so they don’t need to do it as often anymore. 

In other words, they can watch someone else doing it and get their fix readily. 

The Gear You Will Need Before Getting Started

Let’s start with the simplest first – procuring the right equipment. 

If you want to join thousands of other online slots streamers – either for fun or as a side-hustle or just to become famous at something there are a few things that will help make it happen. 

You do not need any fancy or expensive gear when starting; just your average equipment, most of which you may already be using for other work. When you gain more experience and decide to take things to the next level, then you can invest in something more powerful.

Your basic set up would comprise of the following items:

    • Decent internet connection: A minimum upload speed of 5mps and download speed of 10mps to start with
    • Desktop computer or powerful laptop: A desktop computer is easier to use and you can add 2 monitors to it for better maneuvering
    • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) software: Can be found online and is an accelerator used to stream the game


  • Speakers


  • Webcam: –Optional, but recommended – showing your face gets you brownie points
  • Dual monitors: Also optional, more user-friendly in this context
  • Mic / Headphones : For when you’re talking to your audience
  • Batteries: An extra pair at hand is advisable for when your wireless mouse or keyboard batteries run out and you need a quick change

Twitch slot streaming

Which Platform to Choose Will Make All the Difference

The only two technical requirements for setting up are the OBS and registering of an account on your chosen platform. If you don’t already know the online casino you will be playing at, the rule of thumb is to go with one that meets your needs. 

A few pointers on how to pick a platform includes checking the operator’s website to see how many slots it hosts, looking at the types of software providers it has partnered with, and exploring what customer support channels it offers. Furthermore, if the operator has an online chat facility, send them a query or two to see what their response times are like. 

The majority of UK slot sites are fairly straightforward to use, meaning once you open an account with them and deposit funds – you can start playing your chosen slot game instantly. If you do need assistance, reach out to the customer support team. If the issue is linked to slot streaming, you might be best to explore a relevant online forum. 

A Bit of House Keeping

Once you have downloaded and installed your slot streaming software – i.e. OBS or any other recommended option, click the settings tab on the software to adjust all the relevant details such as Language, Theme, Recording. Make sure the option for ‘Automatically check for updates’ is ticked, so you know you’re always using the most updated version. 

Another thing to look for is the ‘stream’ tab, which will allow you to choose the streaming service you want to use. Once you have chosen one, also make sure you are connected to the ‘server’ that is closest to your location.  No matter which country you are in, it should provide you with options. 

A point to note is not to stick with one server. Instead, try out a few of the as you will be looking for the quickest load times (lower latency) and high frequency of activity.

Anyone has the capacity of streaming live slot sessions online, but if you want to be one of the best and come out on top of the game (excuse the pun!) you will need to pay heed to a few important things consistently, to gain a reputable online audience. 


Once you are all setup and good to start slot streaming a session, stop for a second! First, make a checklist of these 10 items below and stick them in in front of your computer to make sure you will see them every day as a reminder. 

If you follow them consistently you will not only increase your audience but gain a positive reputation and perhaps casinos will want to add you to their incentives list!


  • Throw in a few regular prize-draws, either using your funds or funded by the casinos itself.
  • Create a regular personal schedule and maintain in until it becomes second nature and your viewers know when to expect you (for when you become famous…)
  • Don’t forget to say THANK YOU. Showing your appreciation to new followers and those who donate funds will keep them around for longer.
  • Streaming can be an expensive activity so stick to your budget limitations. 
  • It doesn’t cost you to be polite – Always maintain decent behaviour towards your viewers
  • You can add some moderators to your channel
  • Did someone say Trolls? – Do not engage! Ignore them, ban them, block them, or all of the above.
  • Keep it exciting – Play several different slots and add some variety to it and keep rotating
  • A lot of times people think if they talk it will annoy its viewers. Maybe when playing poker, it may, but not when playing slots – talk as much as you can but stay away from profanity.
  • Much like poker – avoid tilting, and maintain your balance as it will lead to more profits. 


We know it can be somewhat of an exciting venture to start as soon as possible, however, take it from us; before you dive into the deep end and hit that record button to get started on your first live session, do yourself a favour and do a proper test run of everything from A to Z. 

Make sure it is all working perfectly fine, play a few games to get the hang of it, and check if anything is missing that could make the experience better for you (and ultimately your audience).

Above all else – hard work and persistence will get you there, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the game, and your viewers will too!

Some Extra Tips and Advice for The Road

It’s no surprise that with gambling platforms and slots, the competition is reasonably high. Although there are not as many players streaming online slots in comparison to other fields, there is a reasonable amount and it is growing. 

So, to keep ahead of the game you may need to do some extra work more holistically. By thinking outside of the box you can climb that list and have your name up top. 

One of the best things you can do for your reputation as an online slot streamer is to self-promote your activities. Not just on the platform you’re playing at – but on every social media platform out there. 

Think along the lines of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (may have some regulations), Snap Chat, you name it – the more you spread your base the  more viewers and engagement you will get. Ultimately, the more time and effort you invest into it, the better off you will be.

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