UK Slot casinos that accept Apple Pay

Imagine a world where you could gamble on the move with your iPhone mobile device, without needing to use a physical debit or credit card? Instead, would it not it be far more convenient to deposit funds in seconds, all at the click of a button? Well, that is exactly what you can do with Apple Pay.

Does your favourite slot casino accept Apple Pay? The great news is that the vast majority of online slot casinos now facilitate Apple Pay payments, which makes it super easy to gamble on the road. The reason that casino-compatibility was an overnight success for Apple Pay is that the process follows the same concept as using your debit or credit card. The big difference is that once you have linked your payment card to your Apple Pay account, never again do you need to enter the details. 

If you are interested in finding out how Apple Pay works at an online slot platform, we have covered everything you need to know in our informative guide. We will discuss how Apple Pay works, what you need to do to deposit and withdraw funds, and whether or not you need to consider any additional fees. 

Let us start by exploring what Apple Pay actually is.

What is Apple Pay?

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay is an innovative payment system that was designed for iPhone users. If you are on an Android model you are out of luck, as the Android alternative is that of Google Pay. Nevertheless, the Apple Pay framework has a number of useful features. If you are out and about and you want to pay for something with your debit card, you do not actually need to have the card with you. 

Instead, you simply place your mobile phone onto the contactless touch-point as you normally would, and as if it was magic, your debit card is instantly charged. As popular as this is, Apple Pay is even more useful when paying for things online. 

In a world of ever-growing cybercrime, entering your debit or credit details into an online website is no longer safe. Sure, your card provider will refund you the money if your details did get into the wrong hands, but do you really want to go through the trouble of filing a claim?

Casino Slots Apple PayThis is where Apple Pay helps. Instead of entering your debit or credit card details at an online checkout, Apple Pay will auto-populate the required fields. You do not even need to enter your CVV number, as confirmation is instead authorised by your TouchID fingerprint.

So now that you know the basics of Apple Pay, let us explore how the system works in more detail.

How does Apple Pay work?

Before you get to the point of performing frictionless, one-touch payments at an online casino, you first need to get your Apple Pay account set-up. First and foremost, you will need to install the Apple Pay app onto your iOS device if it is not already installed. However, new devices usually come with the app pre-installed. 

Once you have opened the app, you will then need to link your UK debit or credit card. The vast majority of banks support Apple pay integration, so unless you are using an obscure building society, then you should be fine.

Look out for the ‘+’ sign at the very top right-hand-side of the screen, and click it. You will then be prompted to add your debit or credit card. If you already have a card linked to your iTunes account, then you will not need to re-add it. Instead, simply confirm the 3-digit CVV number.

Adding a new card

If it is a new card or you do not currently use iTunes, then you will need to link this up with your Apple Pay account. The really cool thing is that you do not actually need to enter the card details in manually. Instead, you simply take a photo of the front and back of the card, and Apple Pay is able to automatically import the credentials. Do not worry, this is completely safe and secure, and Apple Pay uses institutional-grade encryption.

Apple Pay will then securely communicate with your bank to ensure the information is valid. After a few seconds, you should be all set-up and ready to start using Apple Pay at an online slots casino!

How does the slot casino deposit process work with Apple Pay?

Once you have set-up your Apple Pay account by linking it to your debit or credit card, you can then head over to your preferred slots site. You do not need to worry about whether or not the platform accepts Apple Pay, as casinos view the deposit as a debit or credit card payment. As this is what you are indirectly doing by using Apple Pay, the casino view it as a standard debit/credit transaction. As a result, the vast majority, if not all UK slot casinos will accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay iphone casinoIf you are yet to play at an online slot casino that accepts Apple Pay, then you will need to go through the usual registration process. This will require you to open an account by providing the platform with a range of personal data. This will include your full name, address, date of birth, nationality and email address. You will also need to choose a username and a strong password. 

Depositing with Apple Pay

Once you have opened your account, you then need to proceed with the deposit process. You will see a long list of supported payment methods once you click on the deposit button. If you try and find Apple Pay, you won’t. Instead, you will need to choose the debit or credit card option, as this is what Apple Pay is facilitating on your behalf.

Firstly, you will need to enter the amount that you want to deposit. Then, when you click into the ‘enter debit or credit card number’ field box, a small pop-up will ask you to pay by Apple Pay. In order to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the respective Apple Pay account, you will need to confirm your touch-ID fingerprint

As soon as you do, all of your debit/credit card details will automatically populate. Then, all you need to do is click on the ‘confirm’ button, and by magic, your deposit will be credited instantly into your online slot casino account. 

This makes it a frictionless process, especially if you are looking to play slots on-the-move.

Verifying your slot casino account when using Apple Pay

Although Apple Pay saves you from having to manually enter your debit or credit card details, unfortunately, it does not save you any time when it comes to verifying your identity. As you might well know, each and every UK casino must now verify the identity of its players. This means that you will still need to upload a copy of your ID, such as a passport or driver’s license. You will also need to upload a copy of your proof of address, such as a bank statement or utility bill.

This is why we always suggest keeping a copy of your ID and proof of address on your device or email account, so that you can quickly send it to the online slot casino. In fact, although you are asked to do this within 72 hours or when you first make a withdrawal request (whichever comes first), we would suggest you send the documents straight away. This will allow you to avoid any hurdles when it comes to cashing out your winnings. 

Withdrawing funds out of a slot casino via Apple Pay

When it comes to withdrawing your money back out of the online slots casino, this is a very simple process. Although you use Apple Pay to deposit, you technically still used a debit/credit card. Do not forget, all you did was get Apple Pay to automatically populate the card credentials on your behalf, so from the perspective of the online casino, you funded your account with a debit or credit card. As a result, you will need to withdraw the funds back to your debit or credit card. 

ipad apple pay slotsTake note, you will only need to withdraw the amount you deposited back to your card. Anything over this, and the online slots casino will allow you to withdraw your funds to an alternative method, such as a bank transfer. For example, if you deposited £200 into your slot account via Apple Pay, and you are looking to cashout £300, you can send £100 back to your debit/credit card, and the £100 balance via a bank transfer.

Nevertheless, as is always the case with a debit or credit card withdrawal, you will need to wait around 24-48 hours for the casino to authorise the request. In this respect, Apple Pay does not make the process any faster. Once the withdrawal request is processed, you’ll then need to wait an extra few days for your debit or credit card company to credit the funds.

Consider using an alternative method

As a quick note, if you want to use an e-wallet like Apple Pay to keep your personal information safe, but you don not want to take days on end for your withdrawal to arrive, then it is worth considering PayPal. Withdrawal requests made with PayPal usually only take a few hours to process, as opposed to the 1-2 days needed for Apple Pay (debit/credit card) withdrawals. 

Furthermore, when your PayPal withdrawal is processed by the online slot casino, the funds are received instantly. Finally, you then instantly withdraw the funds from PayPal back into your UK bank account – free of charge.

Will I get charged to use Apple Pay at a slot casino?

While we have already discussed the deposit and withdrawal process, it is important too, we quickly cover fees. This is important, as you do not want to see your gambling winnings eaten up by third-party processing fees. 

First and foremost, it does not cost any money to use your debit card via Apple Pay. The transaction process is free of charge, and deposits are processed instantly. 

The only way that you would be charged using your debit card via Apple Pay is if the online slot casino in question charges you. The vast majority of online casinos in the UK do not charge for debit card withdrawals, although a select few do. If you do come across an online casino that charges for deposits, then we would suggest using a different platform. Otherwise, you are already playing catch-up before you even make your first slot machine spin.

However, the story is somewhat different if you are using your credit card via Apple Pay. Although Apple Pay themselves will not charge you for depositing funds with your credit card, both the slot casino and credit card company probably will. 

Regarding the latter, credit card companies view gambling deposits as a cash advance. This means that they will likely charge you in the region of 3% every time you deposit funds into an online casino. Regarding the former, some online slot sites charge a small transaction fee for accepting credit card deposits. This is because of the fees they are accustomed to, as well as the higher risks associated with credit card chargebacks. 

Limits when using Apple Pay at a slot casino

If you are planning to use Apple Pay at an online slot casino, then you also need to make some considerations regarding limits. Fortunately for you, you will not be accustomed to the £30 limit that is placed on using Apple Pay in real-world stores. On the contrary, there are no limits imposed by Apple Pay per-say, as they are merely processing the transaction on behalf of your bank. Therefore, the only limits that you need to consider are those employed by [A] your bank and [b] the online slot casino.

Regarding the limits imposed by the slot casino, you have not really got anything to worry about, as this often surpasses £100,000 per day! Moreover, it is unusual for a bank to place a limit on online transactions, so you should not need to worry about having your deposits capped. 

However, if you are depositing significant amounts via Apple Pay in a short period of time, then your bank might place a temporary hold on your account. This usually an automatic anti-fraud safeguard to ensure nobody is using your card.

Can I only use Apple Pay on my iPhone?

If you want to deposit funds using your Apple Pay account, then you can only do this on an iPhone or iPad device. As a result, you will not be able to use it on your laptop device, nor on a mobile operating system that is not iOS. 

The reason for this is that the main security feature is based on your Apple touch-ID fingerprint. This is not something that you would be able to access on an alternative device, which is why Apple Pay is limited to an iPhone or iPad.

If you plan to play slots at an online casino via your mobile web browser, then you should know that this can only be through Safari. As such, even if you are using Google Chrome on your iPhone or iPad device, you will not be able to deposit funds via Apple Pay. 

On the other hand, if you are playing slots on your mobile phone via the casino’s native iOS app, then you can use Apple Pay without any issues. 

Can I still claim a bonus if I deposit by Apple Pay?

When it comes to claiming slot bonuses, regardless of whether you are a new or existing customer, Apple Pay deposits are perfectly fine. This is because the slot casino will not see that you have paid with Apple Pay. On the contrary, they will see the transaction as a traditional debit or credit card deposit.

As debit and credit cards are the most favored payment method for online casinos, you can be sure that you will be eligible for the vast majority of bonuses on offer. In fact, this is something that you should definitely take advantage of, as slot casino deposits these days seem to be getting bigger and bigger. This is a direct result of the UK online gambling market becoming somewhat oversaturated, and thus, casinos need to up their bonus offers to entice you in.

UK slot casinos that accept Apple Pay – The verdict?

In summary, Apple Pay makes is super easy to gamble on the move. As long as you have your iPhone device on you, alongside a stable WIFI or mobile data connection, then you are good to go. In fact, even if you do have your debit/credit card on you, you will not need it. This is because at the click of a button, and a quick fingerprint ID confirmation, you can deposit funds instantly without needing to enter any payment details. 

Even better, as online slot casinos view Apple Pay transactions as a debit/credit deposit, you will be able to use it at practically every UK platform in the UK. This means that you will be able to claim each and every welcome bonus that is thrown your way!

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