No Deposit & No Card Details Welcome Bonuses

With thousands of online casinos now competing for your business, operators are getting more and more fierce when it comes to bonus offers. The overarching reason for this is that there is now very little difference in what platforms offer in the gaming department, so casinos are forced to up-the-ante to attract you over – which they do so via super-lucrative welcome packages. One such example of this is a promotion packaged as a ‘Free Slots No Deposit No Card Details’ offer.

In plain English, a ‘No Deposit No Card Details’ offer means that by simply opening an account for the very first time, you’ll either be given free casino funds, or a number of free slot machine spins – both of which will be awarded without requiring you to deposit any funds, nor will you need to enter any card details.   

Sound too good to be true? Actually, it’s not. As noted above, casinos are forced to increase the competitiveness of their welcome packages in order to fend off the competition. As such, a number of casinos are now opting for a no deposit bonus over the more conventional matched deposit bonus.

Fancy finding out more about what a no deposit & no card details bonus is, how they work, and what you need to do to turn your bonus funds into real-world, withdrawal cash? If so, be sure to read on!

What are No Deposit & No Card Details Welcome Bonuses?

In its most basic form, No Deposit & No Card Details Welcome Bonuses are a type of bonus that allows you to play at a casino without needing to deposit any funds. Moreover, the casino will not ask you to enter any debit or credit card details in order to get the bonus. On the contrary, you will likely receive the no deposit bonus simply for registering an account for the first time. 

The reason that casinos are willing to offer such a bonus type is that they want you to register an account with them. In doing so, it is hoped that once your no deposit bonus has been consumed, you will remain on the platform long-term. 

No deposit bonuses typically come in one of two forms – which we have expanded upon below.

No Deposit Bonuses – Free Casino Cash

The first type of welcome offer that you might come across in the no deposit bonus spectrum is that of free casino cash. In a nutshell, you will be offered a fixed amount of cash in return for registering an account. For example, the operator might tempt you in by offering a £10 no deposit bonus, which will be applied to your account as soon as you go through the 2-minute registration process.

Once the £10 has been credited, you can typically use the funds on any game of your choosing. This should cover the vast majority of gaming departments held at the casino, such as slots, table games, live dealers, scratch cards, and more. However, in some instances, the casino might restrict the no deposit bonus funds to a particular game – such a blackjack or video poker. 

Due to the nature of the no deposit bonus, it is likely that the bonus amount offered to you in the form of casino cash is going to be minute. In fact, we have never seen a no deposit bonus in excess of £10, with most bonuses actually coming in lower at just £5. Once again, you do need to remember that you stand the chance of winning real-world money without needing to risk your own funds, so a free bonus amount of £5 is nothing to be scoffed at! 

No Deposit Bonuses – Free Slot Machine Spins

The second type of welcome offer that you might come across is that of free spins. This isn’t to be confused with a more conventional welcome package, which will typically offer you a number of free slot machine spins when you make a qualifying deposit. Moreover, the free spins will likely come alongside a traditional matched deposit bonus, which of course, requires a minimum deposit amount of its own.

On the contrary, a free spins offer in the form of a no deposit bonus will not require you to deposit any funds, nor will you need to enter any debit or credit card details to get it. In terms of the specific number of free spins that you are likely to get, this will, of course, vary from operator to operator. We have personally seen no deposit free spins bonuses offering up to 25 free spins, albeit, as the industry gets more and more competitive, this number is only likely to increase.

When it comes to the specific slot game that you can use the free spins on, in the vast majority of cases the casino will stipulate a particular title. For example, the welcome package might offer 20 free spins on Rainbow Riches when you first open an account. As the free spins are reserved for a particular slot title, you won’t be able to use them on other games. 

It is also important to note what happens to free spins if a particular spin results in a winning combination. Essentially, any winnings that derive from the free spins will then be added to your ‘bonus balance’. As we uncover in the next section, your bonus funds will then need to meet a set of wagering requirements before they can be withdrawn. 

How do I win Real Money from a No Deposit Welcome Bonus?

Without intending to state the obvious, the overarching motivation of you searching for and claiming a no deposit bonus will be to win real-world money. As such, you need to make some considerations about the terms and conditions of the bonus, as well as which games to target – if you do have the choice.

At the centre of these potential hindrances is that of the wagering requirement. 

Wagering Requirement on No Deposit Bonuses

The biggest barrier standing in the way of you turning your no deposit bonus into withdrawal, real-world cash is that of the wagering requirement. As such, it is absolutely fundamental that you have an idea of how it works, and what you will be required to do before you can make a cashout request.

First and foremost, regardless of the type of no deposit bonus you are claiming – you can be 100% confident that the respective casino will install a wagering requirement.  Expressed as a multiple of the size of the bonus, this is to stop players from simply withdrawing the no deposit bonus out of the casino, and into their bank account, without having played a single game. Instead, it ensures that you wager the bonus funds a minimum number of times before you can cash the winnings out.

For example, let’s say that you claim a no deposit welcome bonus that comes with a wagering requirement of 10x. The bonus came in the form of casino credit, which amounted to £5. This means that before you will be permitted to withdraw the £5 no deposit bonus, you will need to wager it at least 10 times, amounting to £50 in bets.

Similarly, if you opted for a no deposit welcome bonus in the form of free spins, then all of your winnings that derived from the free spins will need to meet the specified wagering requirement. For example, let’s say that you obtained 25 free spins from your no deposit bonus, which in turn, resulted in £40 worth of winnings. As the terms of the bonus states that you need to wager the winnings by a factor of 5x, this means that you will need to wager a further £200 before a withdrawal can be made.

Further Barriers of a No Deposit Bonus

If you thought that the wagering requirement was the only thing standing in the way of your no deposit bonus funds transitioning into real-world cash, then think again. On the contrary, there is a range of other considerations that you need to make – such as the types of games that you can play when targeting a wagering requirement, the maximum stake permitted when wagering the bonus, and the time you have to do this.

Here’s the lowdown of what you need to know when cashing out a no deposit welcome bonus.

  • Eligible Games:

    You can be all-but-certain that the respective casino will install a range of restrictions on what games you can play when targeting a wagering requirement of a no deposit welcome bonus. Certain video slot games will contribute 100% to the wagering target, meaning that for every £1 staked, £1 will be counted towards the target.

    However, other games will contribute significantly less. This usually centres on classic table games that come with a much lower house-edge. For example, if you’re thinking about playing blackjack or roulette when targeting the wagering requirement – think again, as you’ll likely only see 10% of stake counted. This means that for every £1 staked, just 10p will go towards your target.

  • Maximum Stake Permitted:

    On top of making considerations about the types of games that you are able to play when targeting a wagering requirement, you also need to check the terms to see whether or not a maximum stake size has been implemented. This really rifles us here at SlotBettors, as it is yet another barrier that you as the player will need to get through.

    For example, let’s say that the casino stipulates that the maximum stake per bet – with respect to the wagering requirement, is capped at £50. If you then proceed to place a £100 bet on a slot game, only the first £50 would go towards the wagering target. This can be problematic if you have a very large bonus balance and the maximum stake size is capped at a low figure, not least because it could take you a lifetime before you reach your target. As we will cover in the next section, you won’t have a ‘lifetime’ to meet your wagering requirement.

  • Time Limit:

    The vast majority of no deposit welcome bonuses will come with a time limit on two key fronts. Firstly, you will need to use the initial bonus funds in a pre-defined set of time – which is usually 7 days of opening the account. This shouldn’t be a problem, as the size of your no deposit bonus is likely to be small anyway, so you should have sufficient time to get through it.

    However, the no deposit bonus will also come with a time limit with respect to the wagering requirements. In other words, you will need to wager the bonus in full prior to the expiry date, or the bonus funds will be revoked. In most cases, the casino in question should give you 30 days to do this, although others will give you much less. As such, always check this before you start the no deposit bonus process!

How many No Deposit Bonuses can I Claim?

While it is true that a number of casinos will now offer you a no deposit bonus that requires no debit or credit card details, this isn’t to say that you will be allowed to claim more than one bonus. On the contrary, no deposit welcome bonuses can only be claimed once per person – and in some cases, once per registered address.

The rules surrounding bonus abuse are crystal clear, so if you are thinking about opening multiple accounts with the view of claiming multiple bonuses, don’t do. As soon as the casino finds out what you are doing – which they always will, all of your accounts will be closed. This means that any funds that you had in your account be removed.

With that being said, you will need to verify your account if you are successful in turning your no deposit bonus into real-world, withdrawal cash. This is to prove that you are who you say you are, and that the casino meets and compiles with its anti-money laundering obligations.

As such, you will be required to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which typically entails uploading a copy of your government-issued ID (passport or driver’s license), and a proof of address. Moreover, as you were able to generate your withdrawable winnings without providing any card details, you will now need to attach a payment method so that your funds can be transferred to you. If you end up having the funds transferred to your debit/credit card, you will first need to make a small deposit. 

This is the only way that the casino can issue a merchant refund, which is what is required to process a withdrawal request. Alternatively, you can have the funds transferred into your UK bank account. If you choose this option, no deposit is required. 

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