UK’s Most Innovative Slots

In this article, we explore the UK’s most innovative slots of 2020. As innovation is a somewhat subjective term, we’ve chosen several metrics to focus on. This includes the most innovative slots for RTPs, bonuses, jackpots, and more.

On the one hand, having access to thousands of online slots at the click of a button is great. Whether it’s bonus slots, classic slots, themed slots, or jackpot slots – there’s a title to suit all taste buds. However, this can also make it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. By this, we mean that certain UK slots stand out from the crowd – albeit, finding innovative slots can be challenging.

Mega Joker (NetEnt) Most Innovative Slot for RTPs

When it comes to the most innovative slots for RTPs (Return-to-Player), it really doesn’t get much better than Mega Joker. Before unravelling the specifics, it is important to highlight why the RTP is so important for your long-term gambling targets. 

In a nutshell, the RTP operates like the house-edge, but in reverse. For example, while in the traditional casino space a lower house-edge is good for the player, a lower RTP would mean the opposite in the world of slots. As such, the higher the RTP percentage, the more chance you have of winning in the long-run.  

In the case of Mega Joker, the slot title pays an RTP of up to 99%, which is huge. For those unaware, the RTP percentage refers to the amount of money that the slot machine retains over time. In theory, this means that for every £1,000 that goes into the slot, £10 is kept by the casino, and £990 is paid out to the player. 

However, it’s not as simple as this, as the RTP is actually based across millions of individual hands. This is why it’s entirely possible to win a multi-million pound jackpot from a single 25p spin.

Must Play at Maximum Stakes

At an RTP of 99%, this makes it the highest paying slot machine in the UK space. With that being said, we must stress that the RTP of 99% is only available to those that play the game at maximum stakes. 

This is based on a bet of 10 coins per spin, so naturally, the exact stake will depend on the amount you wish to bet per coin. For example, if you play at £1 per coin, your per spin stake would amount to £10 (£1 x 10 coins). In doing so, you would qualify for the maximum RTP of 99%. 

Mega Joker is much more than just a high paying slot game. On the contrary, it offers a number of in-game specials that are well worth keeping an eye on. For example, if you land the joker symbol on the main reel, you will be paid a mystery prize. This maxes out at 2,000 coins, which is a decent payout. 

There is also a gamble mode, which offers a ‘double or nothing’ bet when you land a win during the base game. On the flip side, it is somewhat unusual that the game does not offer any wild symbols.  

Local Progressive Jackpot

Not only does playing at maximum stakes allow you to benefit from a huge RTP of 99%, but you’ll also get a chance at winning the local progressive jackpot. Unlike a large progressive network, this means that the pot isn’t partnered with other casinos. 

Instead, the jackpot is funded by players at your chosen online site. On average, the local progressive jackpot pays in the region of £30,000. To land it, you’ll need to get 3 Joker symbols in a row. 

Mega Moolah (Microgaming) Most Innovative Slot for Jackpots

Next up in our list of the UK’s most innovative slots is that of Mega Moolah. Unless you have been hibernating for the past decade, it’s all-but-certain that you have heard of the game. For those that haven’t, Mega Moolah is one of the most popular progressive jackpot games in the UK space. Created by leading developers Microgaming, the slot machine averages a progressive payout of well over a million pounds. 

It is able to do this as the game is hosted at hundreds of online casinos. Crucially, for every £1 that goes into Mega Moolah, a percentage of the stake will be added to the progressive pot. The pot will continue to increase in size until it is won – so it’s completely uncapped. Casinos hope to be the platform that facilitates the jackpot spin for one key reason – publicity. 

You see, not only do online gambling sites retain a small percentage of player stakes on Mega Moolah, but their casino gets free publicity when the jackpot is won. As such, it’s a win-win situation for platforms. 

Mega Moolah Innovative Slots Jackpot

Play With Small Stakes

One of the overarching benefits of playing an innovative progressive slot like Mega Moolah is that unlike Mega Joker – you are not pressured into playing at enhanced stakes. 

On the contrary, you can play the game at 25p per spin and still land the jackpot. In fact, this is exactly what happened a number of years ago when British player Jonathan Hayward won £13.2 million from a single spin at minimum stakes!

In order to stand a chance of winning the progressive pot, you will first need to trigger the bonus. Interestingly, while progressive jackpot games usually require you to land a certain number of symbols on-screen, Mega Moolah awards the bonus randomly. 

Once it does, you will get to spin the virtual wheel of fortune, which will be one of four potential outcomes. This includes the Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega progressive jackpots. If you aren’t fortunate enough to land the Mega jackpot, its Major counterpart typically pays tens of thousands of pounds. 


Although Mega Moolah has turned hundreds of players into millionaires, we do have a slight issue with the underlying RTP – which stands at just under 89%. This means that in the long-run, you are at a distinct disadvantage by playing the game – unless of course you win the progressive jackpot. 

A number of other leading slots in the space find the perfect balance between life-changing jackpots and competitive RTPs. For example, Mega Fortune pays an RTP of 96.4% and still offers huge progressive payouts.  

Planet of the Apes (NetEnt) Most Refreshing Slot for Bonuses

For those of you that crave non-stop action in the form of bonuses, features, and in-game specials – look no further than Planet of the Apes. Backed by NetEnt – who also grabbed the number one spot with the most innovative title for RTPs, the game ensures that you are kept entertained at all times. 

With so much going on in Planet of the Apes, it’s probably best that we break some of the best features down. 

Two Sets of Reels

First and foremost, NetEnt has taken the rather bold move to install two sets of reels into a single game. 

Each reel consists of a standard layout of 5 x 3, and you will have 20 paylines in operation at all times. As each set of reels operates independently from the other, this means that you have 40 potential ways to win on each spin. 


When it comes to wilds, there are two different types in operation –  a gold wild and a red wild. With that said, both wilds do the same thing. That is to say, they replace all other symbols apart from the scatters. Moreover, landing 3, 4, or 5 of the same coloured wilds in a row will pay 40x, 150x, or 600x your stake, respectively. 

Rise Bonus 

The Rise Bonus feature is activated when you land the respective symbol on the first reel. If you do, the amount that you win depends on the number of human and ape symbols you have in view (excluding the scatters). 

Dawn Bonus 

The Dawn Bonus game is triggered when the respective bonus symbol lands on the fifth reel. When it does, the slot will merge any human and ape symbols that are situated next to one another, and create a single symbol.

Rise Free Spins 

One of the best in-game specials to land in Planet of the Apes is that of the Rise free spins round. As the name suggests, this offers a number of free spins – with the specific total depending on which set of reels you landed the bonus on. 

If it was the reels on the left, you’ll get 10 free spins. On each spin, any wild symbols that land will be added to an ongoing tally. Then, on the final free spin, the wilds that you have accumulated will be planted on the reels. This is where you stand the chance to land a super-big win. 

Alternatively, if the free spins round was triggered on the right set of reels, you’ll get 15. Only this time, you’ll get a combination of extra spins, wilds, and increased payouts. This can vary widely depending on how generous the machine is feeling!

Bar Bar Black Sheep (Microgaming) Most Innovating Old-School Slot 

While most of our readers prefer slots with the full bells and whistles of bonuses and in-game specials, some of you might prefer simplicity. By this, we mean classic slots where it’s just you against the machine. With that said, the team at Microgaming have once again flexed their innovative muscles with the release of Bar Bar Black Sheep – which finds the perfect balance between old-school and modern.

As the name suggests, the main theme of the game is centred around a cartoon sheep. The game goes back to the original roots of slot machines with a layout that consists of just 3 reels of 1 pay line. In order to get the game going, you’ll first need to set up your stakes – with the machine using a coin system. 

And that’s it – simply spin the reels and hope for the best! The maximum jackpot up for grabs is 500x, meaning that a £1 spin size would yield a top prize of £500. Although this is nothing to write home about, Microgaming have installed a rather competitive RTP of 95.32% – which is a smidgen above the industry average. 

Moreover, although the game sits well within the remit of a classic slot machine, you will also have the assistance of a wild symbol. However, it only appears on reel 3! If it does, it will multiple the win by 3x, apart from the sheep symbol. 

Piggy Riches Megaways Innovation

Piggy Riches Megaways (NetEnt/Red Tiger Gaming) Most Innovative Slot for Low Volatility

If you’ve never played a Megaways slot game before – you really should give it a go. For those unaware, the series utilizes a ‘cascade reel’ system, meaning that each winning combination releases a new set of symbols. For example, let’s say that you land a winning combination of five gold tickets. 

Once the win is paid out, the five gold symbols will then be replaced by new symbols. This means that you can win again without needing to pay to spin the reels. In fact, the cascade system allows you to win an unlimited number of times until you no longer get a winning combination!

Although there are a good number of Megaways slots currently in the market, we would argue that the most innovative title is that of Piggy Riches. The slot – which is a joint venture between NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, offers a magnitude of features and in-game bonuses. 

However – before we get to that, we need to explore the sheer number of paylines the game offers.

117,649 Independant Paylines

While our previous slot title – Bar Bar Black Sheep, offers just 1 payline, Piggy Riches offers a whopping 117,649. If this isn’t innovation, then we don’t know what is. The machine is able to do this because of its rather unusual layout. 

Firstly, there are 6 horizontal reels – nothing too unusual there. However, it’s the fact that each reel can contain anywhere from 2-7 symbols on it. The most important aspect of playing a slot machine like Piggy Riches is that your win volatility rate is going to be super-small. 

For those unaware, this is the number of times that you land a winning combination in relation to the amount spins you play. For example, if you spin the reels 100 times, and land a winner 10 times, the machine has a volatile rate of 90%. 

On the flip side, if the machine pays out 99 times out of 100 spins, then the rate goes down to just 1%. Crucially, a low volatility rate means that you will land more wins, and subsequently give you the best chance possible of keeping your bankroll in check.   

To complement this, Piggy Riches has a very reasonable RTP rate of 95.71%. Again, this is just above the industry average. 

Bonus Feature 

On top of offering over a hundred thousand individual paylines and a low volatility rate, Piggy Riches offers a super-fun bonus feature. In order to land it, you will need to get three scatter symbols. Represented by the female pig, the symbols can land anywhere in view. 

When they do, you’ll get to spin the wheel of fortune! Once the wheel finishes spinning, it will land on a single outcome. This will contain the number of free spins that you will be awarded, alongside the multiplier. The best outcome is 22 spins on a 10x multiplier. 

We also like the mega wilds offering that Piggy Riches awards on a random basis. This will cover up to 3 reels with wilds, alongside a multiplier of up to 7x!

The Verdict?

In summary, there really is no one-size-fits-all answer in the discussion of the UK’s most innovative slot game. This is because it all depends on how you view ‘innovation’. For example – some of you might view the most innovative slot game as Mega Joker – not least because it offers a maximum RTP of up to 99%. 

At the other end of the spectrum, others might look at the many bonuses, features, and in-game specials offered by Planet of the Apes – and argue that this is the most innovative slot game in the market. 

With that being said, if we were forced to choose one – we would have to go with Piggy Riches. The NetEnt/Red Tiger Gaming combination has yielded a highly innovative slot that consists of 117,649 different ways of winnings – which is simply huge!

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