Best UK Slot Casinos

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200 Free Spins + £100 Welcome Bonus
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200% Up To £100 + 100 Free Spins
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100% Deposit Bonus up to £300
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Best UK Slot Casinos for 2019

The World Wide Web has taken slots in to the digital age, with thousands of slot sites now offering a wide range of games that can be played in the comfort of your own home. Even better, this has also extended to mobile gaming on the go! Here you’ll find an overview of UK’s best slot casinos that we fully endorse.

As you have undoubtedly recognised by the breadth of the different sections we include when evaluating the strengths and weaknesses on an online slot provider, there are a plethora of things to consider prior to making a decision. That’s where Slotbettors comes in to it. Our ultimate aim is to provide UK players with an impartial platform for users to understand how credible a particular operator is.

The UK is now home to thousands of online slot providers and we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right one for your own needs. That’s why we have taken the time to do the hard work, so you don’t have to. Our slot casino evaluation is a never ending task, because not only do new operators pop up virtually every week, but existing casinos sometimes change the way they operate. That is why we are constantly updating the guidance we provide.

We are a firm believer of consumer choice, which is why we ultimately leave the final decision to you. Rather that telling you which casino to use, we provide a transparent framework which details each and every aspect to the platform, providing you with the tools to make an informed decision.

Although the UK slot casino space is one of the safest avenues to gamble, unfortunately we come across a small selection of operators who are not worthy of your business. This is why we feel the need to test out everything ourselves, rather than relying on third party review platforms who might have a vested interest in sending you to a specific operator.

How we review a slot casino

Each and every casino that we review is based on independent data that we have collected by opening an account and testing out the platform ourselves. This includes everything from the deposit process, gameplay experience and customer support. We cannot claim to offer impartial and accurate content if we simply extract the information from third party websites. If we did, we could not guarantee that the review was honest, valid or precise.

Not only this, but casino reviews must always be up-to-date, which is why we perform regular tests, even if we have already published a review. To help you understand how a UK slot casino makes the Slotbettors cut, we have detailed each and every aspect that we securitize. Whilst some slot sites might fend well in certain categories, they might fall short in others. Therefore, we break this down within our reviews, so you can easily ascertain whether the casino is right for you.

What better place to start than the Wild West of online slot bonuses!? In a nut shell, with the online casino industry now that fierce in competition, operators have recognised that they need to find a way to entice new customers to their platform. One such avenue that casinos take is to offer new registrants a range of bonuses, otherwise referred to as a ‘Welcome Package’.

The idea is simple: By offering new customers a range of sign up bonuses, regardless of whether the player wins or not, it is hoped that they will remain on the platform long-term. There is often scepticism regarding free bets, as those that are inexperienced with the concept of online gambling struggle to comprehend why an operator would give away free money. However, in reality, such practices are a common breed across most industry sectors.

Banks offer free money when customers perform a switch, online supermarkets offer discounts when customers order for the first time and internet service provers offer a reduced initial rate for first time customers!  So how does it work with UK online slot sites?

As you will see from the long list of operators that we have reviewed, there are a plethora of different options available to those who are yet to open an account. It all depends on the operator in question and promotions change on a regular basis. We will explain the most common packages available so you have an understanding as to how they each work.


Free matched bonus

A free matched bonus is one of the most common welcome packages that UK slot casinos offer. Let’s say for example an operator offers a 100% matched bonus up to £200. What this means is that when you open an account for the first time, your initial deposit will be matched like-for-like up to a maximum of £200. This would provide the player with a starting balance of £400, even though they only deposited £200.

In an attempt to maximum their market share, some UK operators offer significant matched bonuses in to the thousands of pounds. Although there is the chance that the player could turn this is to a sizeable withdraw, these operators understand that they need to engage in such promotions to attract players who would otherwise potentially not join the platform. They believe in the effectiveness of their casino and the enhanced player experiences that are on offer, so they feel confident that once the bonus has been consumed – the new customer will remain on the platform long-term.

Free Slot Spins

A second option that seems to be on the rise is the offer on free slot spins. Just like in the aforementioned example, those who register an account for the first time are awarded with a certain number of free spins. This can be in response to an initial deposit, or in some cases the operator offers the spins without requiring the player to fund the account.

Depending on the operator, the free spins are sometimes reserved for certain games. However there are also a vast amount of online casinos that allow you to use the free spins on any game that you see fit.

No Deposit Bonus

A third option that also exists is a no deposit bonus. The way this works is exactly what it says on the tin. By simply opening an account for the first time, the operator will credit your account with a specific amount. This means that you do not need to deposit any funds whatsoever! This kind of offer is still in its infancy, however we have found a range of operators that do have such promotions on the go.

In reality, a no deposit bonus is most commonly insignificant in size, however it is a great option for those who either want to first test out the platform prior to making a financial commitment, or for an inexperienced player who wants to figure out how everything works.

Prior to displaying any of the above welcome packages on our site, we first perform a stringent evaluation of the specified terms and conditions. This is a crucial exercise, as each operator has their own policies. A failure to adhere to a casinos terms and conditions can result in the player losing their ability to withdraw their winnings, however we provide ample guidance on this throughout the Slotbettors platform. Most commonly this will centre on something known in the industry as ‘Turnover’, ‘Rollover’ or ‘Minimum Play-through’.

All three of the aforementioned terms relate to the minimum amount of times a player must wager the bonus that has been awarded, prior to the withdrawal of any winnings. For example, if the player receives a £100 bonus with a minimum turnover of 10 times the bonus amount, then the player would need to gamble at least £1000 before they can make a withdrawal.

Although this might sound daunting, it is still highly feasible to walk away a winner – especially when one considers the ‘Auto Spin’ feature that most slot games offer. This is where you instruct the platform to automatically spin the slot game a certain amount of times, without needing to click on the button yourself.

What about existing players?

One of the biggest myths in the online slot casino industry is that bonuses are only available to those who are yet to register an account. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are a plethora of UK operators that provide their customers with regular promotions. This can be in the form of a weekly ‘Reload Package’, which is where player deposits are topped up by a certain percentage. For example, a reload package might offer existing players a 50% top up on the first

Security & Trust

Once of the biggest barriers facing players who are yet to take the online slot plunge is trust. We often receive concerns such as “How do I know the casino is actually going to pay me out?” or “What if the slot game is rigged?” Essentially, the online slot industry has come a long way since its early days. During the late 1990’s when online slots first became a thing, the sector was able to operator in a highly unregulated space, with the UK authorities keen to take a stand-off approach. However, with the rise of anti-money laundering and financial crime laws filtering down on an E.U basis, the industry is now protected by a range of internal and external safeguards.

First and foremost, any gambling provider offering their services to UK citizens must be in receipt of a full gaming license issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Headquartered in Birmingham, the Commission are responsible for regulated betting shops, bingo halls and of course – the online casino sector.

They have a range of powers at their disposal to ensure that the operators they regulate are fully compliant with their highly stringent Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP). This essentially puts pressure on UK slot casinos to ensure they keep player funds safe, keep crime away from their platform and prevent underage players from joining, as well as adhere to the Commissions’ stance on social responsibility and addiction.

Should a UK slot casino fail to comply with the expectations of the Commission, the organization have the ability to revoke their license, something that the operator will strive to avoid at all costs. Ultimately, Slotbettors do not engage with any online casinos that are not fully regulated by the Gambling Commission.

A further safeguard that exists in the UK online slot space is something called a ‘Random Number Generator’ (RNG). This ensures that each and every spin can be independently verified for its fairness. Without it, there would be no way to legitimately assess whether the slot game is true to the odds that it should be paying.

The underlying technology of RNG ensures that each spin is generated on a random basis, true to the pre-defined pay-out ratio. For example, let’s say the slot machine has a pay-out ratio of 97%. This means that over the course of time, for every £1000 that the player stakes, the slot will pay out £970. However, this guarantee of a percentage pay-out could be over the course of thousands, if not millions of hands, meaning that it is all down to timing.

Nevertheless, the RNG is based on a transparent algorithm that bases the outcome of a spin on an advanced form of mathematics. Not only is the algorithm immutable to internal malpractice or external hacking, but historical data cannot be amended, changed or deleted. This means that when the UK Gambling Commission engages in an audit of the operator, they can view the RNG data to ensure everything is above board. Once again, we at Slotbettors only consider online casinos that have a fully transparent and auditable RNG protocol installed within the platform.

Combining the benefits of a full regulatory oversight by the UK Gambling Commission, as well as the installation of RNG technology, the UK is potentially one of the safest jurisdictions to gamble online.

casino security


Cybercrime is now one of the biggest threats to digitalization, with criminals constantly coming up with new methods to outsmart online merchants. These issues cannot be ignored, however UK casinos now have a range of controls to protect the customers they serve. In fact, this links in to the previous discussion of the Gambling Commission’s LCCP, whereby operators have a legislative obligation to protect customer data.

Every UK slot casino that we review has a dedicated internal risk department who are employed to keep crime away from their platform. On top of this, each operator will have an SSL certificate installed within their website, which acts as a safeguard against data theft. Essentially, the certificate guarantees that each data transaction is encrypted by a cryptographic key, meaning that the operator has no access to the players’ debit or credit card details. When these details are entered in to the website, the cryptographic key is able to verify the information without the casino actually seeing any of the numbers.

Moreover, a further condition that UK slot operators must adhere to is the requirements of the UK Money Laundering Regulations 2017. This states that every single player must first verify themselves prior to a withdrawal being made. Verification is most commonly in the form of a government issued ID such as a passport or driving license, as well as a proof of address such as a bank statement or utility bill. Although at first glance this might sound frustrating, it guarantees that there is no ability for a bad actor to fraudulently imitate another person’s identity.

A further security safeguard that exists is that withdrawals must be sent back to the payment method that was used to fund the account. For example if the player deposits £150 and attempts to withdraw £400, the first £150 must go back to the original deposit method. After that, the additional £250 can be withdrawn to an alternative payment method. Ultimately, we take security very serious here at Slotbettors and as a result, we only recommend operators that have stringent internal policies to protect the player.

Deposits & Withdrawals

As the UK slot casino industry has grown in size, as has the variety of payment methods that operators now offer. The most common method that players like to use is a simple debit or credit card deposit. Not only does this offer the greatest level of convenience, but it is also the fastest way to fund an account. In fact, as soon the transaction goes through, the funds are instantly credited to the player’s account, subsequently allowing them to spin the slot machine wheel without delay!

Using a debit card is usually free of charge, however credit card deposits sometimes come with a small transaction fee. This is due to the fact that the respective credit institution imposes a fee, which the operator passes on to the player. However, in some instances casinos allow the player to fund their account with a credit card at no additional cost. This is something to consider if that is your preferred payment method.

When it comes to withdrawing your funds back to your card, the amount of time it takes for the bank to credit your account can vary. Although it remains to be seen why, various UK operators seem to be able to process card withdrawals quicker than others. In most cases this takes a maximum of three working days, although in some cases it can arrive the following day. Moreover, this may depend on the bank you use.

A new avenue that many players are now utilising is depositing and withdrawing funds through an e-wallet. The most popular providers are PayPal or Skrill, however other options also exist such as Neteller. When using one of the aforementioned e-wallets, not only are deposits instant, but withdrawals are quite often received within a couple of hours. We are Slotbettors are strong advocates of funding an account in this manner, as it allows the player to receive their winnings significantly faster than any other option. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases, there are no transaction fees involved and when using PayPal, bank account withdrawals are processed instantly for UK residents. The latest iteration of e-wallets tend to bridge the gap between mobile phone usage and casino deposits. These so called pay by phone casino solutions bridge the gap that is important for mobile gamers particularly.

Other options also exist. If players prefer to do a bank account transfer, then they can log in to their online bank account and transfer the funds directly to the operator. As the UK is now privy to the benefits of Faster Payments, UK slot sites are now able to credit the player’s account in quick fashion.  However, this is potentially the slowest payment method available, with respect to both deposit and withdrawal times.

Games Offered

A further department that we at Slotbettors focus on is the actual product itself – the slot game. This begins with an analysis on the range of slots available. We tend to recommend platforms that have something to cater for all audiences. This is because whilst some players prefer slot games that have various bonus features available, some prefer the simplicity of three-line slots with no additional features.

We also tend to select slot sites that offer jackpot slots. This is where the casino links their games with other operators, with the aim of building a significantly large pot. This type of gameplay is now so popular that jackpots can now grow in to the millions. In fact, in 2017 a UK based player won a record £3.8 million! Nevertheless, all of our individual casino reviews give a full overview of the range of games offered, allowing the player to make an informed decision on whether the platform is right for them.

Our independent analysis also considers whether the slot games offered by casinos is available to play through a mobile phone. This is quite important as in the age of digitalization, players now demand the ability to gamble on the go. The best thing about mobile slots is that there are no concerns with the much feared ‘dropped connection’. For example, if you were playing a slot through your mobile and you temporarily lost your internet connection, it would have no effect on your game. The aforementioned RNG protocol is cryptographically specific to each and every spin, meaning that when your connection returns, you will simply pick up exactly where you left off.

Customer Support

When we conduct our UK slot casino evaluations, we also consider the operators customer service department. There is nothing worse than depositing funds in to an online casino, encountering an issue and then having nowhere to turn.

The most effective form of support in the form of live chat. This is where you can talk to a customer service representative one-on-one through a chat facility. In most cases this is offered on a 24/7 basis, meaning that if you require support through-out the night, this is normally available.

To ensure that we are able to provide an accurate evaluation of customer support, we independently test out all of the support channels offered. The reason for this is that we have encountered the odd operator that provides a below par service. This is either because they are too slow to respond, or alternatively the agent replies without solving the issue. Each test reviews the time it took for the agent to reply, as well as how satisfied we were with the response given.

We also consider other support options too. Some players prefer to speak with a customer support agent on the phone, which again, we test for ourselves. This will include whether the telephone number is a ‘0800’ free-to-use number, or charged, how long we had to wait in-line and again, how satisfied we were with the response.

Some operators also have a dedicated social media platform on Facebook or Twitter, which is a great way for other players to see the response of the team. Other than this, most casinos also have an email address that players can request help on, however this is often the slowest option available.

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